Thursday, October 15, 2009

The cake topper mystery is over!

I have been on an Etsy spree lately…last week, I ordered my hair flower…and this week I decided to buckle down and purchase my cake topper!

If you hadn’t seen my previous post about them, I’ve been searching high and low for a set of bird cake toppers. There are SO MANY amazing options on Etsy, and my mind was completely frazzled with the thought of selecting the perfect set of lovebirds for our cake.

It turns out, I ended up finding an amazing cake topper that WASN’T originally on my list…

Are you ready for it???

I stumbled upon Vintage by Crystals shop a few weeks ago when I was scouring Etsy…and boy was I excited! The décor, invitations, and other aspects of the wedding have somehow morphed themselves into a bird/trees theme (don’t you love how sometimes that just…happens organically?)…and this topper includes both!

Crystal’s handmade toppers are made from spun cotton, antique book pages, and antique tart tins. I love how vintage they look! Quirky too…


I absolutely fell in love with the sign at the bottom of the tree…if I wasn’t already enamored, this sealed the deal for sure!


It stands 8” tall, and the branches will span about 8” wide (but they are made with wire, so they are adjustable).

The birds on our tree will look slightly different than the ones pictured…I can’t wait to see them!

And now…I wait…


  1. I love this cake topper - hope you get yours soon! The new site layout is beautiful as well.

  2. That cake topper is just too cute! I've never seen a brid one before! Need to be on Etsy more often

  3. Oh now I'm jealous!! I LOVE it!!!!!

  4. Le Sigh... so perfect for you.... can't wait to see the finished product!

  5. i know your happy with your purchase and probably don;t care about my opinion, but those birds look scary..

  6. Oh Anonymous, I love that you felt it necessary to comment on this...anonymously...

    ...especially because this post is over a year old...and my wedding is already over (6 months ago). Actually, my cake topper was one of my favorite details in my wedding decor. So, I'm sorry if they scare you, but I love them. And, the beauty of it all is that you DON'T have to buy them...isn't that great?


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