Friday, October 2, 2009

Engagement Photo Love #1

I do realize that it has been a while since our engagement photo session...and I've failed to provide a sampling of pictures and recaps. Bad Katie, bad Katie! But, in my defense, I wanted to make sure that I had ample time to devote to these particular posts! And, since I teased you about it earlier today, I had to deliver on my promise!

Ok, so lets start at the beginning. Justin and I met up with our fantastic photographer, Chad Pilster in Tarpon Springs at the sponge docks. Chad was responsible for suggesting the location; it is filled with shrimp boats, touristy shops, and TONS of Greek restaurants. It was such a good decision...thanks Chad! (also...check out his website too! click here...) And, a shameless plug...he travels anywhere, so if you are looking for a photog, I send along my recommendation!

Before we even left the parking lot to start walking, we had to get a shot in front of this mural on the side of a building!

Then it was off to the shops! Justin and I had some fun trying on silly hats (or...I put them on him!), and Chad had some fun taking our picture through a wind chime.

We had to have a little fun in the rowboats we found!

"I got me a marlin!!!" (gotta love the Austin Powers reference...)

And...apparently we also caught ourselves a shark???

Next, it was time to check out some of the shops and restaurants! We had to sneak a smooch across the table! And yes, we totally match the tablecloth...

Check me out...rocking the shades!

I love this store; it sells handmade soaps, and you can smell the aroma wafting out of the doors!

I'd been hitting the gym hard in preparation for the arm wrestling competition that ensued during the shoot...I'd even been working out those thumbs...can't forget thumb wrestling!

I may or may not have cheated...

One of the waiters at this restaurant wanted to get in on the action of our photo shoot - apparently my reaction was to stick my tongue out at him!

Hmmm the thought of food makes me hungry...let's get some ice cream!

By the way...sharing an ice cream cone is hard to do!

Then, I proceeded to hang on a lamppost and sneak yet another kiss...

We walked down by the docks where the shrimp boats are tied up, and I thought I'd show off my balancing skills.

After our stroll down the sponge docks, it was time to head over to the park to meet up with our pups...whee!!!


  1. I LOVE the jumping picture!!!! You guys are so cute! :)

  2. These are great! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  3. You guys picked a great location - the pictures are beautiful! I love the lamppost pics and the black-and-white one of you guys walking by the docks.


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