Friday, October 9, 2009

Almost instant gratification

It's here! Dang, that was quick! I
ordered my hair piece on Monday afternoon this week, and yesterday it arrived in the mail from its cross country journey! As you can imagine, I tore into the package with reckless abandon (ok, scratch that...I was actually very careful because of how delicate it is...but you get the point)!

So...what do we think? I obviously am not able to put my hair in the desired style for the wedding at this point in time, so a ponytail had to suffice for this. By the way...anyone noticing how long my hair is getting??? It is past my shoulders now...its growing like a weed!

I am not incredibly positive about where the placement of the flower should go...I guess I'll leave that up for the professional to decide! :)


  1. It looks really pretty! I'm considering doing a hair flower as well - I think they look very elegant.

  2. I love it! I'm planning on making one to wear for our reception after I take my veil off. Your's is beautiful! And I did notice your hair has grown a lot!

  3. Aren't you doing a low bun-style thing? I think having it on the side and low (think SE or SW quad) of the bun would look nice... kind of nestled in!

  4. Oh, it looks SO pretty in your hair. I've been thinking recently that I want to do a hair flower instead of a birdcage veil. You've given me more inspiration!


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