Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Custom Dress Illustration = Divine!

So...rewind a few months to this summer, when I was in the midst of wedding dress shopping...I was buried up to my nose in wedding magazines, and my eyes were crossing from staring at a computer screen for hours at a time, searching endlessly through wedding dress inspiration!

Anyway, as I was contemplating my dress budget and the like, I started to ponder the thought of what exactly I am going to DO with my dress after the day is over. What is a girl to do? I could preserve it, and hopefully have a daughter someday who might be interested in wearing it...or I could sell it, and let some other bride enjoy it in the more immediate future. Either way, the dress is either going to be in a closet or out of my hands after the wedding. But, there might be an option to keep it in view on a daily basis (with the exception of our pro photog's pictures)!

I recently stumbled upon, a company that creates custom bridal gown illustrations! You send them a few pictures of yourself wearing the dress, and their artists create a custom fashion illustration of you! for $425 (plus shipping), you get an 11"x14" illustration that is double matted and framed.

What a unique way to remember your gorgeous dress after the day is over!

It could also be a wonderful first anniversary present (cough cough...any husbands/fiances out there cough cough)...

If you don't want to purchase the illustration, but like to see the juxtaposition of a designer sketch to its actual conception, has a featured section called "Sketch to dress Spring 2010" on their site right can see your favorite designers' sketches next to photos of the real thing! So cool!

James Clifford...I'm biased in liking this one...since my dress is a J.C.!

Monique Lhuillier

So...are you doing anything special with your dress/to remember your dress after the wedding?


  1. oh I love this idea!! I thought about making my dress into a Christening gown for our first child.

  2. Those are so beautiful, what a cool idea!

  3. I had a sketch done of my dress. I LOVE it! It turned out really beautiful. Actually, it was both my dress and my husband's suit, with our name and wedding date on it. It was done by Megan Hamilton - her etsy store is here:

    This is such a great idea. I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding later this month and I'm thinking of doing this for the bride.

  4. I had a sketch done of my wedding dress. It is amazing! Such a cool way to preserve the memories without having to keep the dress. Our sketch was my wedding dress and my husband's suit, along with our names and wedding date. It's being framed and matted now, but it turned out beautifully. I had it done by Megan Hamilton. Check out her etsy store here:

    I think this would also be a really neat gift idea. I'm in a wedding later this month and was thinking about having this done for the bride!

  5. Sara - holy moly that is a great find! I'm saving that in my Etsy favorites for sure!


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