Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Icing on the Cake...

Ok, so perhaps this isn’t icing…but I’m looking for a cake topper!

As much as I love the traditional little figurines that adorn the top of the wedding cake, I am looking for something a little different…

My obsession? Cute and adorable bird cake toppers! I have been scouring Etsy for some options…and I can’t decide!!! Check out my inspiration, and give me your opinion!!!


I love the lace detail on this one...and one of our colors is blue...hmmm

Rain’s End




Sooooo...thoughts? Are you partial to any of these toppers in particular? What do you think about non-traditional cake toppers? Have you seen any cute ideas at weddings, or have you had a great one of your own?


  1. DEFINITELY the first one... it's so cute and so you :) I LOVE IT!

    ps my word verification is birco which is ALMOST bird HAHA!

  2. I LOVE the 1st and 4th ones. They are all too cute though!

  3. Well, I like the 2nd one and the 5th!

  4. The last one's my fave. Love them all, though!

  5. oh, wow! Who knew bird toppers could be so different, and yet they are all soo cute! I think I'm going to have to go with the fourth one, though! Good luck with the decision!


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