Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lamentations of a Long Distance Bride


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the situation, I am a long distance bride. Currently, I reside in Virginia, and our wedding will take place in Florida. It is about a 14-hour drive to get home from where we live, and plane tickets are…well…expensive considering the economy right now!

This puts me in what is sometimes a frustrating situation! When we first got engaged, the excitement of the wedding planning was in full swing. The venue search was a relatively fast ordeal…my dress was selected after only a few trips to bridal salons (I am decisive, what can I say?), and after attending a wedding expo, I was the lucky recipient of a prize for flowers from a local florist, as well as a DOC package. It seemed as though things were falling into place, and I was at peace.

I don’t feel that way lately.

Ok, so for the most part, the important aspects of our wedding have been booked. ***Insert a temporary sigh of relief*** But, when it comes to the small (yet important) details, I start to feel a knot forming in my stomach. I need to get our Save the Date’s printed, addressed, and sent out…I need to start on DIY projects (because there are many…the guestbook, flower girl pomander, favors, centerpieces, table linens, etc…I could go on…but I don’t want you to fall asleep…), and I need to maintain sanity while doing so!

It isn’t that I don’t think I can accomplish this on my own. Its that I wish I was getting the support I know I would receive if I were still in Florida. I wish my mother were around to help me. Lately, with all the plans we’ve been making, I feel as though I am constantly on the telephone, attempting to relay information…or making a phone call to ask advice/confirm details before I make a decision. It definitely doubles the amount of time it takes me to get things done!

Is there anyone else out there struggling to be a long-distance bride? What have you/are you doing to streamline the process?


  1. you know i am only 4 hours away...
    <3 MOH

  2. I am planning a wedding long-distance (though not as long as yours!)and it can also get frustrating, especially since we don't have any of the big decisions made yet, which sometimes makes it feel like the wedding isn't even going to happen. I just have to keep reminding myself to have fun with the planning and not stress too much.

    Good luck with your projects!

  3. I'm a long distance bride too, and it can be tough. I'm happy to help with any projects, that's what UPS is for!

  4. I agree about the mom part... I miss her so much and wish I could plan with her :( HUGS!

  5. Just in case you want a little extra help besides DoC, we would be happy to assist. We can meet with you on the regular in VA and keep you off of the phone so much! No travel costs to FL too! www.WeddingsbyDE.com


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