Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wedding Related Dreams

I know that I can’t be the only one out there…right?


It is my wedding day. For some reason, it is night, and everyone is getting ready for the event at a large mansion by the beach. I walk down a hallway to where Justin and his groomsmen are getting changed, and am horrified with what I see! The guys are all clad in bright blue and apple green plaid jackets, blue pants, and their boutonnières are simply a singular leaf pinned to their lapel. The horror!!! They looked ridiculous. Justin doesn’t seem to think that anything is wrong, but I shift into panic mode and instantly grab my phone. I frantically call the suit rental place and lay into them for delivering us clown suits!

The suit place apparently doesn’t have any replacements, so I make the boys take their coats off to salvage the look.

Then, I realize that I didn’t remember to order flowers for the bridesmaids or myself…I begin crying.

And then…I start to wonder where my photographer is…shouldn’t I be getting ready at this point? I walk down to the kitchen to investigate. He isn’t there. I suddenly realize that in my stupidity, I forgot to give him directions! So, I pick up the phone and begin to dial Chad’s number. My dad walks in to the room and stops me. Apparently he doesn’t want me to give out the directions, and takes the phone away from me. I yell at him and then storm off to another room to take a shower and get ready.

Except…I never got my dress altered. It is about 2 feet too long, and it is so wide that it falls right off of me. And, for some reason, my hairdresser went MIA, and she never showed up. I turn to the mirror and see myself standing there…in a dress about 4 sizes too big, with dripping wet hair and no makeup…

Getty Images

…and then I woke up. Thank goodness!

At first, I just laughed at my crazy brain/unconscious mind...and then the dreams continued to happen. There have been 3 now!

I’ll spare the nitty gritty details of the following ones, but they seem to all have an overarching theme; for some reason I keep dreaming that I haven’t managed to finish all of my planning, or that I forget some important details involved! Eek!

For those of you who don’t know, I teach recitation classes of Intro Psychology this semester…don’t get me started with dream interpretation! I could be Freudian and go into the latent meaning of the dreams (what you would essentially look up in a “dream dictionary”), but I honestly don’t believe that those serve much purpose. If you look up what seeing a U.S. Mail Box in your dream means…apparently it signifies that you are going to be involved in some illegal activity. What?!?! Who makes this stuff up? In the end, in my opinion, I tend to think that my unconscious mind is nagging at me to make sure I get things accomplished. There is such a long to-do list involved with wedding plans, and I know that I’ve been fretting over whether or not I’ll get things done on time!

Hopefully, these dreams will dissipate as time goes by…

Have you had any bizarre wedding related dreams?


  1. I've only had a few, but I'm not a big fan! I wake up stressed!

    PS - I left you something on my blog! :)

  2. So funny. Several months ago (about 8 months before our wedding) I had a wedding related nightmare. Where did THAT come from (I thought)? In my dream, it was the day after my wedding and I could not remember one thing that had happened the day before! I was asking all of my family and friends about how it went, how everything looked and what I missed. They told me the cake was horrible, the table cards and other stationery was torn and had stains on them and went on to describe many things that any bride would be horrified to hear from the guests the day after her nuptials. When I woke up I laughed that I was having these dreams already...since then I have had none - thankfully! Hopefully yours will be over now, too. :)

  3. I've had a few wedding disaster dreams so far. I have a feeling though that they'll only increase as we get closer to the date and my stress level goes up!

  4. My weirdest wedding dream had to be where I had to go racing through the mall to get everything for the wedding - I didn't have anything ready in real life, so of course in dreamland I didn't have anything ready, either. So the day of the wedding I was running through the mall, getting everything, and I ran out of time so we got married in the Payless in my hometown mall.

    Or the one where my mom refused to walk me down the aisle, and just wanted to take pictures.

    My wedding was 3 years ago and I still remember my weird dreams!


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