Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Year…

One year and 2 weeks ago today…we met at the pet beach.

One year and 2 weeks ago…we spent hours conversing in the sand and surf.

One year ago today…our paths crossed yet again, and the conversation continued.

One year ago today…with a little encouragement and suggestion from me, you asked me out on our first date.

One year ago today…we met at Casa Ludovico, enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner, and talked late into the night.

One year ago today…I started to fall madly in love with you.

Justin – one year has passed by in such a blur. Although the days seem to have elapsed in a flash, it feels like I have known you for much longer. I am incredibly blessed to have you in my life. Every day, you never fail to make me smile and make me feel loved. I sometimes wonder how and why you put up with my quirks. This year has been the happiest one of my life…so far…

I can hardly wait until May 30th…7 ½ more months until we say “I do…”

I love you.


  1. This brought tears to my eyes. So happy that you are so in love!

  2. Cute post! I think that's my favorite of your engagement pictures - Gorgeous!


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