Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm not ashamed to admit it...I am in love with Glee! It is rare nowadays that a TV show can make you genuinely smile because it makes you feel SO happy! I can't wait for Wednesday nights!

If you know me, it might not be a surprise to find that my absolute FAVORITE character is Emma Pillsbury (played by Jayma Mays). She has got to be the most adorable thing EVER...and her wardrobe on the show?!?! I die...

Anyway, if you watched the episode that aired 2 weeks ago, Emma was trying on wedding dresses...and I happened to stumble upon "the one" when I was going through J Crew's website today!


The back is just gorgeous...I love the cut of it! So preppy, so simple, so elegant! Although it does have a hefty price tag...who wants to make a bet that J Crew sells out of it???

Have you seen any wedding inspiration on a TV show or in the movies?


  1. She will also be on Heroes' next episode. She's a cutie.

  2. Oh I love Glee and I adore Emma's wardrobe, I wish I could dress just like her!


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