Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monogram Magnificence

Ok, I’ll admit it! I have an unhealthy obsession with Etsy! I can’t help myself!

Anyway, I’ve been putting our Save the Date’s together (I’ll have to keep you in suspense a little longer though…), and as usual, I was scouring Etsy for inspiration. And, as usual, I stumble upon something that I love that wasn’t originally on my radar…custom monograms!

I haven’t decided which I prefer, a stamp version, or a digital pdf version…both have great possibilities…

On one hand, I love the rubber stamp option…I can use it to stamp the envelopes on our Save The Date’s, and possibly on our invitations. I could use it to stamp our favor bags…programs…the list could go on!

I love the stamps from Modern Art Stamps’s Etsy shop…

Lovestocreatestamps also has some beautiful designs…I'm particularly fond of this one:

On the other hand, the pdf graphics could be useful as well…programs, cocktail napkins, stickers…you name it!

I love the tree designs by WeddingMonograms

And the birds...(also by WeddingMonograms) are adorable!

Lovelogos’ shop is just too cute…

In the end, it might just come down to which monogram/graphic I like the best…

Do you have a favorite out of this bunch? Did you/are you planning on having a custom monogram for your wedding? Did you use a digital file, or a stamp? Any suggestions?


  1. This is so funny! I JUST posted about my first Etsy purchase which happens to be from Modern Art Stamps! We just got a simple monogram one! Check it out :)
    The birds are really cute! It's tough to decide. Although I do like the blue tree too.

  2. My favorites are the first and last ones.
    Thank you for posting about this, I think I'm going to order a return address stamp from them :)

  3. I really like the simplicity and uniqueness of the first design. We have birds as well, but mine's just a simple stamp thing. Yours will look more professional!

    I'm secretly addicted to Etsy too!

  4. We are actually working on this now. I had originally designed a simple monogram myself using just our names and wedding date. But now that our invitations are almost done and we have a custom designed graphic that is being used on the invites and all the stationery, I have just asked my sis to create a new monogram using the fonts and graphic from the invites. :) Hopefully I'll have something to share soon. As Chocolate Lover indicated, those monograms from Etsy are all great and I would love any of them...just depends on what look and style you're going for.

  5. do a pdf and then have that made into a custom stamp-this way you have both!

  6. Love these!! Thanks for giving me something to do tonight because I'll be aalll over these Etsy stores.


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