Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hair Through the Years, Part 2

I must have had an epiphany right before my freshman year of high school, because on a whim I decided that I wanted to cut my hair short, and about 2 weeks before classes started, my mom took me to the salon and I received the chop…to right about the shoulders.

Which evolved to a short cut by my chin/ears during high school/early college.

Yep, not so much of a fan of that hairstyle nowadays...

And during college, it fluctuated between chin length and shoulder length (I won’t get into it, but I had a traumatic experience with a hairdresser who “slipped” when cutting my hair…and it was left at about 3 inches long total...even shorter than the pictures you just saw...the week before sorority recruitment. Ouch.). And, apparently I learned to like color during college, as my hair transformed into an auburn/red hue, as you can see in the photos!

Experimenting with some layers...

Gotta love the side bangs!

College graduation came and went, and I got my first job in the real world. I was back in Florida, and back with my regular stylist, who at times will like to try new looks in my hair. For I while I sported the inverted bob with bangs.

First time having bangs since middle school! And, I must say, they are much better looking nowadays!

And then I got sick of the red hair…in an attempt to return to my natural color, I dyed my hair what looked on the box to be dark brown, but turned out to be more black in reality.

This eventually washed out, and I was left with a side banged version of the inverted bob that I love.

Hmm....attractive faces here, you know it!

…and then I got engaged. And I promptly decided that I am going to have to grow out my hair. Because, well…there is just not a lot of “hair”spiration, if you will, for short haired brides out there. Currently, I am pretty solidly at shoulder length...and pretty much ready to take the scissors to it myself (...self control Katie...self control....)! Let's see how far I can get it by May!

A current photo for reference's sake

Did you immediately start growing out your hair in preparation for your wedding?


  1. Is that Dave Warfel in the background? LOL!!!

  2. Nope...I am a short haired girl and will be a short haired bride!! It's tough to find inspiration pics, but they are out there!


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