Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yes, I am certifiably insane…

A few weeks ago, I was browsing through the sea of wedding blogs on my reader, when I came across a rather inspirational series of photos on Style Me Pretty.

This table arrangement made me swoon…but of particular interest were the pretty paper pinwheels! How cute are these???

All images from Style Me Pretty.

I quickly wiped the drool off of my face, and began to think. This…is…do-able! I love the combination of whimsy and elegance the pinwheels create! After figuring out the logistics of creating them (sooo easy…a tutorial is forthcoming…I promise!), I decided to try out a few samples. It took a few to get the hang of it…haha!

I used scrapbook paper (12”x12”), which I cut into 3” wide strips, and put in 1” accordion folds. 1” was CLEARLY too big…

After the first failed pinwheel, I decreased the accordion fold to ½” wide, and the result was much better! To finish the look, I added a button to the center…so cute!

After I made the larger pinwheel, I tried out a few smaller sizes as well, decreasing the pleats to ¼.” I thought they turned out well!

So…what am I going to do with these, you ask? First, the large pinwheels are going to be tied to the back of ½ of our reception chairs (every other one) in a similar fashion to what was pictured above. The medium sized pinwheels will become a part of the place settings. And, finally, the tiny ones will be used on our escort cards! According to my calculations, that means I have to make at least 300 pinwheels...gulp! I’m so excited about the final outcome…but am somewhat dreading the pain that my fingers are going to undergo during the folding process!

Next up, I’ll show you the pretty paper that I found, search for hundreds of buttons, and provide you a tutorial on how to make your own pinwheels!


  1. I love these so much. You have a lot of folding on your hands, lady! :)

  2. Those are soo cute!!! I now want to make some! :)

  3. I made these a while ago to hang in our reception area. I love the idea!

  4. Cuuuute idea!! You're a brave girl to take on all of that folding. Good luck!

  5. Ohhh, so pretty! Good luck making all 300!

  6. And to think I was complaining about making twelve tissue poms :)


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