Friday, December 18, 2009

Creating the Centerpieces

So, if you’ve been following along, you know that I decided on using baby’s breath for my DIY centerpieces, and that I scoured the stores to find a plethora of vintage-y vases.

Now, it is time to take them on a test run (please try to ignore my end-of-day nasty hair-do if you can)!

I purchased 3 small bunches of baby’s breath from Publix (they sell 3 bunches for $10). Each bunch included 3 stems. First, I cut the stems down (each stem has a number of smaller “branches” splitting off on each side), and then simply placed them in a vase until I achieved something that looked like this:

So simple, yet so pretty! Each vase requires an average of about 3 stems of baby’s breath. I was pleasantly surprised to see how full the vases looked with what seemed like 3 measly stems when I started!

But, we decided that we needed to make the process even easier, since we will have to assemble them ourselves on the day of the wedding. We tried out the method of securing the stems with a twist tie. Easy! We arranged the stems into a “pouf,” wrapped them with a twist tie, and then dropped them into the vase. This will work out well we hope! The plan is to assemble the poufs the night before/the morning of the wedding. We are starting to collect wine cases; each pouf (and its matching vase) will be placed in a slot for easy travel.


Then, we will simply have to place each pouf into its vase when we arrive at the venue. Hopefully, this will save us time, as we won’t have to hang around the venue to assemble flowers the entire morning!

Did you take on a DIY with flowers? How did you go about transporting/arranging them on the day of the wedding?

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  1. Those centerpieces look really nice! Very soft and romantic. I am a bit afraid of diy, I need to suck it up and just do the darn thing.

  2. Oh....I love the way they look! love, love love! r-o-m-a-n-t-i-c

  3. They are very elegant looking. I'm surprised that you only needed 3 stems! We won't be doing DIY flowers and are hoping to finalize our flower plans over Christmas

  4. Those look phenomenal!

    And you look much better than I do in most blog posts...I typically get around to photographing myself on days when I didn't shower or am already in the pjs.

  5. Those look soooo elegant and beautiful, nice work!

  6. omigosh, those are beautiful!! i wish i could hire you to do MY flowers, too! :)

  7. This is a great idea! I am considering DIY my flowers but not sure if I have the talent or if we'll have enough time to set them up.

    PS Thanks for sharing your experience with registries...I have exactly the same situation: we're doing a honeymoon registry and FI's family is VERY traditional about that. Not looking forward to breaking the news to them. But living in a 550sq ft studio in NYC = absolutely no space for crystal, china, and all of those other household extras, so we're going to stick to our guns on this, hopefully.

  8. WOW!! They look fantastic! Good job on these! And what a cost-effective way to have beautiful centerpieces! :)


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