Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dirty Little Beauty Secret…Protecting Your Pearly Whites

One thing about me; I am a freak for dental hygiene. I have a compulsion to brush my teeth after eating ANYTHING. I carry a toothbrush and a small bottle of Listerine in my handbag (I know, I’m crazy). And, of course, I am very particular about the products that I use.

Now, this “beauty secret” really isn’t a tip or a trick, but rather a gadget that will help you keep your teeth beautiful!

I don’t want to totally gross you out, but the fact is that your bathroom is filled with germs, and if you aren’t careful, you are getting them on important things, like your toothbrush! For instance, if you don’t close the lid of your toilet before you flush, it is likely that bacteria/germs are traveling from there onto your toothbrush. Oh my gosh, the thought of it just freaks me out! So, yes…lesson one…close the lid before flushing!

And, if you want to alleviate the fear of germs even more, may I suggest this amazing gadget! Oprah actually selected it as one of her best picks for the holidays, and it was featured on Good Morning America. It is the Zapi toothbrush sanitizer!*

It uses germicidal UV light to kill 99.9% of the germs on your toothbrush. You just snap it in, push the button, and let it do its work! It is easy to snap apart and clean.

When I first got mine (Christmas last year), they didn’t offer the array of colors that they now do…and look at the versions for kids (or the kid at heart)!

They even have travel versions now!


If you are looking for something that holds more than one toothbrush, they have a larger version.

It is reasonably priced at around $20-30, and you can find it at your local Target or Walmart. However, you might find a limited selection of colors in those stores, so its possible that you will have to order online to find a pink one (or ninja one!)! I personally love my Zapi. It makes a great Christmas present for the germaphobe in your life, if you are still on the lookout for a great stocking stuffer!

*This isn’t a sponsored post, I just REALLY like this product and wanted to share it with you!

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  1. You've successfully motivated me to go clean my bathroom today. Thanks :)

    That's a pretty sweet contraption, though. Think I could put it on my registry??

  2. LOL Such a great little gadget. Will definitely look into that. Although I have to admit that I always close the lid on my toilet and I keep my toothbrush in my medicine cabinet and not on the counter :)

  3. That's awesome. I'm going to have to remember this for next year's Christmas.

  4. Em - if you have a Target registry...YES! Seriously, I think we're going to put the larger size one on ours because at the moment I have the small one that holds only 1 brush, so Justin is left out!!!

  5. OMG!!!! This is so cool & It's on the Walmart website!! I can add it to my registry! Thank you so much for talking about this!


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