Monday, December 21, 2009

Light it Up!

If you’re not already following along with the creation of my centerpieces…first I accumulated my vases, then I went through a trial run with the baby’s breath.

Next, I assembled a few samples!

In addition to my vase-purchasing frenzy, I also cleared TJ Maxx and Marshalls on any and all of these adorable little bird figurines. I now have a rather sizeable flock!

I wanted to create the ambiance/arrangement that we will have the evening of the wedding. Ideally, the lighting will be low and the reception tables will be illuminated with votives. Perhaps like this?

Aren’t the little birds adorable?

I plan to use one tall vase and one short vase in the arrangement. I’ll add a bird on one side, and the table number/letter on the other. Votives will be scattered around the table.

So…what do you think? Did you have an easy time turning your visions into reality for your reception tables?


  1. That is sooo beautiful! The birds are adorable. I was just long does baby's breath last? Do you know?

  2. it looks sooo pretty! i'm so impressed!

  3. I love how everything turned out!!!

  4. Really romantic. It turned out great.

  5. Yay! I love this! We also have a bird motif with a vintage look. Thanks for sharing -- you've definitely given me some inspiration. I'll be sure to point a link back your way when I post about "tablescapes." Cheers!

  6. You are doing an awesome job! A+!!! :)


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