Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shall we talk about the ring?

Ah yes, the ring. The tiny little bauble that so many girls dream of. Once the topic of marriage came into the conversation, I decided that we should start to “browse” through some ring options. Because, well…Justin had an adorable, yet old fashioned idea about engagement rings (in my opinion)! When I suggested that we go shopping so that I could give him hints about what styles I like, he was slightly confused.

“I thought the ring was supposed to be a surprise, and that I have to buy it by myself…???”

Hmmm. Albeit an incredibly romantic gesture, I knew that I would have some very specific opinions on what ring I ultimately wanted, and my desire was to point him in the right direction.

So, I asked him if he would feel comfortable walking into jewelry stores and picking something out.


And how our engagement ring journey began.

Justin and I decided to stop by one of the large International Diamond Centers in town to start our hunt. I had been looking around online and had become very fond of pave bands (I love how vintage and timeless they look), so I knew that is what I wanted to try on.

When we walked in to the store and looked into the cases, my eyes immediately honed in on one particular designer, and it was all over before it could even begin!

The Michael M collection launched in 2008, and their line is absolutely breathtaking. They focus on using a plethora of diamonds and less metal in their settings (each engagement ring mounting contains around 100 diamonds), which results in some MAJORLY blinding levels of sparkle. The rings look like they’ve been dipped in diamonds, and I had to pick my jaw up off of the glass case, because I am pretty sure it came unhinged. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself…

All photos from Michael M

I tried on a ton of rings that day, but I kept going back to the Michael M pieces. There was one in particular that was just perfect. We didn’t leave the store with a ring that day, but Justin now had a clear picture of what my littleheart desired: a pave setting, and a round stone. And boy, did he ever deliver on it!

P.S. my setting is pictured above…want to take a guess which one it is?

Did you help pick out your ring?


  1. Guitar Fred proposed with a diamond (that his sister calls "Chip") in a modern setting...and I'm a vintage kind of girl. I accepted his proposal of course, but a few months later, we went shopping together. I had my heart set on a cushion or art deco diamond ring from Dianne's Estate Jewelry, but it was way out of our budget. Anyhow, I was open to a non-diamond engagement ring (even though it's my birthstone) and when I set my eyes on a HUGE (nearly 1/2 an inch wide) cushion cut amethyst in a rose gold vintage style setting (surprise surprise, since I usually only like white gold or platinum), I totally knew that was the ring. And it's 1/20th the cost of our wedding budget, so we can save up for other big purchases (a house someday). I now wear "Chip" on my right hand.

    Best of luck finding what makes you happy! :)

  2. Oh my - dipped in diamonds indeed! Hmm the first or last ones perhaps?

    Mr. Gadget requested a list of ring styles I liked and picked the one he liked most and had it made. Of course it was still a surprise since he flew to Paris to visit me for the proposal.

  3. Such a cute blog you have, I will be following :-)

    Is it the first one? I may be biased though b/c that one is like mine.

    Happy New Year!


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