Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My feelings on “THE dress,” part 4…That loving feeling...

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So, you are aware at this point that I selected my wedding gown. What you may or may not have noticed was how I failed to describe my overwhelming feelings of joy and excitement at finding “THE dress.”

Oh…wait…that’s because I DIDN’T have those feelings.

I find it very interesting when I read over and over how girls find their dress and immediately know that they were meant to be together. And, it isn’t that I’m unhappy with my dress. Quite the contrary! I know that it is absolutely perfect for me; it will make me look spectacular on my wedding day, no doubt in my mind. But, where were the butterflies? The excited squeals? The tears? There was nothing…not even a titter. Overall, during my shopping experience, I never became excitable. My mother and I discussed the options at length, we tore apart the different features of the dresses that we had looked at, and I came to a decision in the end.

So, I wonder…what would it take for me to achieve that giddy, I’m going to jump up and down in glee feeling? Well, if I had to guess, it would probably appear if I were to don a gown WAY out of my price range. I pay attention to fashion, I love designers…it would be unreal to wear a Monique Lhuillier or a Vera Wang…a girl can dream! But hey, that is all it is…a dream. And I have reality to focus on.

And, you know what? Just because I didn’t have the feeling during the dress shopping experience, DOESN’T mean that I won’t get it later on. Just you wait, I’m going to turn into a blubbery wreck when I am completely put together…the hair, the makeup, the shoes…that’ll push me over the edge in the end. I’m just…on hold for the moment being.

I know I am not the first bride who has experienced this, and I certainly won’t be the last one. If you are worried about this happening to you as well, here is my piece of advice: don’t let it frustrate you. Everyone’s shopping experience is different, and just because you aren’t jumping around the dressing room, screaming at the top of your lungs, or turning into a puddle of happy tears over your dress does NOT mean that you will look any less spectacular on your wedding day. Of this I am certain.

Did YOU get that feeling when you found your dress???


  1. I could have written this exact same post. I didn't get those warm fuzzies or anything, I just liked my dress the best out of the dresses I had tried on.

    You mentioned something interesting and it made me think of something. You mentioned that you pay attention to fashion. Which means you're used to dressing up. I'm the same way. Maybe the reason we didn't cry and scream over seeing ourselves in a wedding dress is because we're USED to looking glam. Obviously not to the extent of gowns and such, but it's not surprising to see ourselves look like that. Does any of that make sense? I just came up with it, so it might be a little ramble-y.

  2. I didn't feel like that either, and I am NOT the dress-uppy type.
    For me, I think it was because I was not happy with my body shape at the time (and still am not). The dress obviously needed some alterations, so I guess I really wasn't getting the full effect of what I would/could actually look like in my new dress. IDK...that's my spin on it anyways. Speaking of....I really should start working on that body shape! manana, manana....

  3. I did get that feeling but I wasn't expecting to! I'd tried on probably about 20 dresses or so and liked almost all of them but when I put my dress on, I literally saw myself walking down the aisle and I started to cry...So there ya go, totally unexpected! I love your dress!

  4. I was the same way! I don't think I'll have that I'm a bride feeling until the day of!

  5. I know what you mean. I never got the feeling of overexcited joy when trying on dresses, not even the one I bought. While it made me happier than most of the others I tried, that feeling quickly left too. But I don't think I would have become crazy excited about a dress. There are just so many out there! And although I do have doubts at times, I think it will take the actual wedding day for me to get super excited

  6. I got excited, but I really expected to get emotional (because I cry over everything) and I didn't. I don't think I'll have those feelings until I put it on the day of the wedding!

  7. I tried on many dresses over several weekends. One day I went to a shop, and the sales lady forced me into this gown she thought would be perfect based on all the comments I kept making. I really did like it a lot. We left and went to the next salon to look at Bridesmaid dresses (I was with my cousin/BM, flower girl and mom). They had the same dress but in the color I would have ordered so I tried it on again. I stood in front of the mirror for about 10 minutes telling my family how I really liked the dress and it did have a lot of the little things I wanted in my gown: beading, sweetheart neckline, corset back, etc. They kept telling me how perfect and gorgeous it was. After about 10 minutes, I started to tear up and said "I think I'm starting to cry." My mom immediately said "That's how you know it's your dress!" And I was in love. It didn't happen instantaneously but I did get emotional. And I do have second thoughts and doubts but today I looked at the dress on some 'real' brides on the designer's web site and fell in love with it all over again :)

  8. I got A feeling... I don't know about THE feeling. I knew it was the one, clear as day. But I didn't cry or get emotional. I just kept saying, "Holy shit, wow!" Also, I was by myself, so I have no idea what my friends/family think yet! That made it easier for me, though, as I'm a people-pleaser.


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