Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow day...

Yesterday was officially our first big snow day in Virginia! Friday morning, while watching the morning news, we were informed that our area was expected to receive about 17 inches of snow between Friday afternoon and Saturday night. YIKES! I hurriedly ran out to the grocery store with pretty much every single resident in the area to collect some supplies. I managed to arrive home right as flakes began to fall from the sky (right before 2pm). I then began to take photos of my car in its parking space every few hours.

Here is 4pm:

Still snowing at 8pm...

Before bed at 11:30pm...

When we woke up this morning (7:30am), my car was almost completely buried!

Justin's work was cancelled (not that he could have left the parking lot, if you can't tell) we had a snow day! Lucia LOVED it...
She kept running back and forth in the snow at top speed, it was hilarious! Although they are not the best quality videos, here is some puppy cuteness of Lucia's snow day:

Did you get snow this weekend? I'm hoping it sticks around for Christmas!!!


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  2. Love the snow dog videos!! My dog is crazy about snow too. She pounces on it and eats it!!


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