Monday, December 7, 2009

My feelings on “THE dress,” part 2…we go shopping…

So…I had my dress inspiration. Next up, the shopping began!

The first shop we visited was Olga’s in Tampa. My mom and I were on our way to the mall, and we stopped in just to take a look. I tried on 3-4 dresses in that shop; and my favorite, hands down, was:

Harlow by Maggie Sottero

It had a sweetheart neckline, lace, and it was form fitting. My mom loved it. And, with a price tag in the $800’s, it was in my budget. But, it was the first place we’d stepped foot into; we felt like we needed to see more dresses before any decision was made! I wish I had a photo of myself in it; alas, one does not exist!

A few weeks later, my grandparents were in town, and my mother, grandma, and I went on an all-day shopping trip!

First stop…David’s Bridal.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t really like a single thing I tried on there. The consultant listened to me and brought out dresses that relatively fit my description, but there was just something about them that wasn’t hitting me. I didn’t take any pictures, because nothing was really striking me. Here are a few that I tried on:

All images from David’s Bridal

I would only consider this with the straps removed…I’m not a huge fan of spaghetti straps in general.

This was the one dress that I disliked the least in the bunch, but the price tag was over $1,000, and I knew I could find a more “designer” dress for the same amount of money. Yes, I’m a snob…I’ll admit it. *Hangs head in shame.* So, we moseyed on down the road...

Another stop on our shopping trip was The Dressing Room in St. Petersburg. The owner of the shop was hilarious. It is a small shop, and she locked the door as we walked in so we wouldn’t be disturbed. Pretty cool. Our trip to The Dressing Room was for one purpose; they had the Agadir dress from Cymbeline. If you need a refresher…


I HAD to try it…

And, what was the outcome? *Sigh* Ok…so I wanted to be in love with it. And it WAS gorgeous. The champagne lace was a great color against my skin. BUT, alas, my mom and I decided that it looked more like something you’d wear on the red carpet rather than your wedding day. Single tear.

I felt a little dejected, but then the owner suggested that I try on another dress from Cymbeline that I had overlooked at first. It didn’t completely meet my dress requirements, but I was willing to try it out! Here is the Colibrie:

They informed me that they could turn the neckline into a sweetheart for me if I desired. The skirt was just so…swishy and dreamy. I realllly liked it. What I didn’t like? The price tag was over $2,000. Gulp.

So, without further ado we left the dress shop…I was starting to wonder if I’d ever get that magical “I FOUND THE DRESS” feeling that I was hoping for…


  1. WOW...those dresses are just gorgeous!!

  2. I do love the first one. If it makes you feel any better when I got married I had my heart set on a Mori Lee dress in Bridal Mart. We were ready to buy it when we saw "the pink tag" (this means discontinued). I was not going to buy a dress that 5,000 girls had tried on. I lost it in the middle of the store. TEARS everywhere! I went back a few days later and tried on the most beautiful dress and had my feeling. Plus my dad cried so I had to get it. It will come....

  3. Wow the Agadir is totally amazing Katie.

    Crossing my fingers for you!

    Also, you may or may not get "the feeling". But there are a lot of dresses out there and you will look great!

  4. Both are sooo stunning!! This post makes me want to go put on my dress!

  5. They all look lovely on you, so good to see those dresses on a real person!


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