Monday, November 2, 2009

Music Monday #7

Please click “play” and enjoy!

Ok folks, I’m back to the processional (possibly?)…Iron and Wine came up on my playlist on the way to campus this morning, and I just love this song. How could I work this into the wedding day? Is it a processional song? First dance? Is it simply a song we should play during dinner-time, or perhaps during the reception at some point? Help a girl out…

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  1. Oh, I love the way his voice pretty. What about during the seating of the guests? I know not a lot of brides think about that but there is that time when the guests are being seated that the DJ, band, technician, whoever can be playing a few songs selected by the Bride & Groom. I would think this is a perfect song during the seating of the guests! I will be providing my DJ with a list of songs to play during this time.

    Btw, inspired by you and Sassy Bride on a Mission, I have begun my own Music Monday's post today :) Thanks for the inspiration.


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