Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You want thing-a-ma-bobs? I’ve got twenty…


Yes, please note the Disney movie reference. You know, the scene where Ariel is swimming around her treasure trove of gadgets and gizmos? Ah, so many delightful things…

Well, I haven’t mentioned this previously, but my venue happens to have its own little treasure trove of goodies…

Back in July when we first toured Carlouel, we were escorted into a storage room upstairs…and it was filled with some pretty awesome things…vases, candles, lanterns galore!!! Shelf upon shelf of materials for weddings or events. Chuck (the manager) explained to us that he has had a lot of brides who didn’t want these things at the end of their wedding, and just left them at the site. WHAT?!?! Left there!??! Does…not…compute…I don’t see myself ever doing that, but hey…ask me again in 6 months and perhaps my story will change.

Anyway, Chuck continues to inform us that we are able to use anything and everything we find in this room, absolutely free of charge! The staff will clean containers and have them sparkling and ready to go for us. And, if we want to swing by on the week of the wedding and pick things up so we can arrange/prepare them at home, we are able to do so as well!

When he first told us this, I’m quite sure that both my mom’s and my chin hit the floor. This is un-freakin-real! There are multiple bins FILLED with different tea light candles in different shaped containers…which we will definitely be using on the reception tables…

My favorite shelf happens to be this one…it is packed from front to back with white pillar candles of different heights…these will be topping the mantle in the front entryway, as well as other locations throughout the venue!

So, overall, this wonderful discovery is going to help tremendously with some of the décor cost! Although we’d only be using small candles on each table, I want to use quite a lot of them throughout the venue…and now we don’t have to buy a single one! Pillar candles can add up in price as well, so I am so excited that we can cross that off of our “to-purchase” list!

Did your venue include some awesome extras as part of the package???


  1. Oh wow! Those are some really really awesome items to use for decor. SO jealous!

  2. 1. Ariel will be my favorite princess until I die. So suck it, Grace Kelly.

    2. You are so lucky. That's some great loot!

  3. Um holy freaking CRAP!! That is amazing!! You are a lucky lucky gal, that is for sure. Our venue...ugh I don't even want to get into it. If you call hideous FAKE greenery strewn about the room "aweseome extras" then yes, we have some of that, too, I guess. Grr...don't even get me started. But I'm SO happy for you that you have all of that at your disposal :)

  4. OMG that is just awesome...I mean who would leave that stuff behind...and SOOO Much of it!! We got very lucky and are having our reception in an African Disney, lol. But there are these awesome hanging lanterns in all the trees that just throw the most amazing soft light!! YAY!

  5. LOVE the Little Mermaid reference...still me all time favorite Disney movie!

    That's SO cool that you get all that stuff for free - I wish my venue had included more...but we can't all be so lucky!

  6. You lucky duck, what an incredible and cost-effective resource!

  7. First, I sang that little mermaid song over and over again for many weeks! Love it!

    Second, you are lucky on the score at your venue! I wish they had a treasure trove of gadgets and gizmos for us to make use of...but unfortunately, our venue comes as is - though it is pretty freaking incredible as is! :) But it actually states in our contract that if we leave anything behind at all then they will charge us a 'storage fee' of $100 per day! You can bet your behind I won't be leaving anything there. :)

  8. Oh wow! Thats so great! Lucky you! can't wait to see what you do with it all!

  9. That is seriously HUGE. Nice work on your venue choice!


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