Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dressing the Dudes…Part 2

As I mentioned previously, we are going the suit route for the dudes (ha! I rhymed there...did you catch that?!?!). But…I didn’t touch on what will go UNDER the suit (the shirt and tie, that is…don’t let your mind go in the gutter, people!).

At the moment, I love the idea of combining a light blue shirt with a blue/green tie. I think that the blue will look great against the gray suit, and it will soften up the look, since we are going for a less formal feeling. Plus, if the guys remove their jackets at the reception, they will still look really sharp with a colored shirt, rather than a plain white one!

Then come the ties…there are so freaking many to choose from! How will I do it? I’m seriously contemplating the notion of mixing and matching the dudes’ ties. As one of my idols, Stacy London, would say, “it doesn’t have to MATCH, it has to GO.” What if I get them all different ties, but in similar colors? Certainly, I would pick somewhat similar styles (maybe mixing some stripes with plaids). Since there are still six months until the big day, I figure that I have time to shop around and look for sales…and perhaps pick up coordinating ties for them all!

Here are some that I’ve stumbled upon so far…I’m hoping that when I’m home next week I’ll be able to take a look at some stores and see them in person! Obviously, there are some differences in color (some of these look more "apple," some are more "sage" green...I'd have to make sure they don't clash!)...I would only purchase ties that were very similar in color...this is just to get an idea of potential patterns as a starting point!

Following images from Macys:

Following image from Dillards:

Following images from The Tie Bar:

How did you pick your ties out (for those of you who chose suits)? Is there somewhere I should look that has awesome ties?


  1. We had all the groomsmen wear their own black suit and white shirt. We bought them all (plus dads, brothers, etc.) different ties in various shades of green with different patterns. I think we had to buy 14 ties total. We ended up getting most of them from Macy's, Jos A Banks, and Dillards and spent about $40 per tie. The selection in the store is WAY better than the ties they had online. My husband's tie was from Thomas Pink (about $100) b/c he loves those ties.

    Good luck! It's going to look great!

  2. We have been thinking about where to go to look at ties too. Everyone will be wearing suits so need to start checking some out

  3. I HIGHLY reco the Tie Bar! We ordered two from there just to see what they look loike, they arived quickly and are great ties! LOVE THEM


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