Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dirty Little Beauty Secret #2

Ah yes, another secret to share with you! J

When it comes to clear skin, I am obsessive. I dread the thought of waking up on my wedding day with an enormous zit on my forehead! Oh, the horror!!!

I know that there are many little tricks out there to get rid of zits quickly (toothpaste? Windex?), but years ago I became absolutely hooked on a product by Mario Badescu.

The drying lotion is an absolute essential to have stocked in my medicine cabinet. It will shrink/heal white heads overnight…it is amazing! You simply dip a Q-Tip into the bottle, then apply directly to the zit that you are zapping!

Although it will be an investment of $17 for a 1oz bottle, it is worth every penny! Typically, I only have to buy one every 4-6 months, so it does last a while! I can sleep easy at night knowing that any pesky zits I may have will be reduced or eliminated in the morning!

Do you have another skin clearing solution? Like last time, leave me a comment and share with everyone! And, if you have your own “dirty secret” you’d like to share, let me know…I’m looking for future tips/tricks/products to share!


  1. Ooh thanks for sharing. I can't believe I'm over 18 and still break out. I have only used Clearasil which is somewhat effective. Clean and Clear Advantage Spot treatment intrigues me though.

    Tea tree oil is supposed to be fabulous at clearing up blemishes.

  2. Thanks for sharing!!! I've been wondering about this product for years! Now, someone I know has actually used it. Fabu!


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