Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hair Update...

I got my hair cut on Tuesday...what...a...relief! I've been growing and growing and growing my hair, hoping that I can achieve the proper "up-do" length by the time the wedding rolls around. Thankfully, according to my stylist, I am only about 1 inch away from what we want! Hooray!

Anyway, I was in desperate need of a trim/shape...and I got just what the doctor ordered! This is what I looked like right before the appointment. Notice how it hit my back/shoulders at the bottom and starts to flip out? That was driving me NUTS! Overall, my hair wasn't looking bad, per se, but it was lacking some style...and was feeling cumbersome to boot...

She went through and cleaned up the edges...and shaped/lightened it up within. See how much lighter it looks around and under my chin? It feels 10lbs lighter...and I didn't lose much of my hard earned length! Win-win! And, can I just say how much more stylish it looks??? I miss my sassy bob hair styles...but this still manages to look like I've got it going on...(haha!).

Did you grow out/are you growing out your hair for your wedding? Was it a frustrating process?


  1. It looks so great! I just got mine cut last Saturday. I have been growing it out for years...yes, years. Unlike my sister, mother and daughter, my hair grows at a snail's pace while theirs grows like a weed! I just colored mine as well and will go back for one final trim and color touch up in about 3 months just before the 1.5 month countdown to the wedding. This is definitely the longest my hair has been in many years...but still not quite where I am hoping it can get. :)

  2. Hi!

    I grew out my hair too for my wedding years ago, and I have a vague memory of the stylist saying it was too long. Anyway, your cut looks super cute! I know the up-do will look fab!

    Love the blog!

  3. Cuuuuuute! I'm growing my hair out, too, and I hate hate hate it! I have super curly hair that looks best when it's short. It's about shoulder length now and I'm about 5 seconds from going Full Britney on it. Lol, you know that last inch you need is going to be torture.

  4. Ack! I LOVE your hair!! Even your before pic looks better than mine on a good day! I grew mine out for a proper wedding updo, and I'm dying to get the PWC now that it's over. I just haven't had the time or hair style inspiration yet.. but I may be stealing your do.

  5. Looks like everyone is growing their hair out! I agree with Layla... your before pic still looks better than my done up look. ;)

  6. I know I already commented, but I just thought of something. We basically have the same haircut and about the same length. Would you mind sharing some of your hair inspiration pics? We're kind of in a weird in-between stage with our hair. Not quite "short haired brides" but definitely not long-haired either. I'm finding it hard to come up with good pics for girls like us. I'll probably do a hair post this week, come to think of it.


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