Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ahoy Mateys!

If you recall from a previous post, our wedding venue happens to be a yacht club on Clearwater Beach. During the cocktail hour, our guests will be mingling outside by the pool area. And, there happen to be some boat slips along the back of the venue as well!

So, I’ve been getting inspiration for some fun photo opportunities during the hour…our photographer, Chad Pilster, is fantastic; I know that he is going to get some great shots regardless! And here's a shameless plug - go check out his blog...you know you want to!

I would love to get the wedding party out on one of the boat slips for some pictures (assuming that we all fit...the slips are a tiny bit on the skinny side I think)! I love the idea of having some photos of Justin and I sitting at the end with our feet hanging over the water…

Has your ceremony or reception venue given you some inspiration for wedding day photo ops?

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  1. Oh I love those pictures!! We are lucky enough to have Cinderella Castle as our backdrop but I think we need to come up with some creative shots like you have! We saw one pic of the bride and groom kissing, while he dipped her with ALL the guests behind them. I definitely want that.


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