Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Little “Something Something…”

I’ve been on an Etsy spree the past few days, searching for some homemade lovelies from the vendors.

One small detail about my wedding attire that I had forgotten about until now: garters! I’m going to take an eternity to select one of these lacy/feathery numbers to wear underneath my dress…

Which one would you choose?


  1. I love the first one, but that might be because it's my color!!

  2. I would choose the first one as well. It's my color too! Plus I think it is really cute and beautiful.

  3. ooh, so pretty. I like the first one!

  4. Hi, girls! Thanks for the vote! We found this blog by accident -- what a gem. Nice work. We love it!

    Aundrea had a great thought: 25% off ANY store item to any one of you who said they liked our garter the best (the first green one)! Okay, even if you didn't pick us, just mention this post :)

    Oh, I already picked MY garter for my own wedding. The theme is is vintage romance, so I made an ivory lace garter with toffee colored ribon and a vintage inspired cabochon.

    Best of luck making decisions. I absolutely get lost looking at all the lovelies on etsy, too!!!

    xoxo Erin


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