Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Am Not Particularly Romantic

You know you have one of these people in your group of friends. The one who feels awkward giving hugs (hey, there is something strange and uncomfortable when someone is breathing on your neck!)…who isn’t really that big into PDA’s. Ok, in my group of friends there is more than one of us, but perhaps we are just a strange group…

Did that all change when you met your significant other???

My fiancé gives the best hugs. The very best. I am biased, I realize. If I am having a bad day, I want a hug. If I am having a good day, I want a hug. I want to hug him in public. I want to give him a hug when we are just sitting at home by ourselves. They are the best.

I am almost ashamed at how mushy gushy I have become since I’ve been with my fiancĂ©. I can’t believe that I am the girl who is holding hands in public, sneaking kisses (without a care in the world as to who sees them), and calling her man by a nickname.

…Not that this is particularly a bad thing!

Are you big on PDA’s with your significant other?


  1. I've always been a hugger...but my xh broke me of that touching-feely thing. Now, with FI, I'm all hugs and touching all the time. LOVE me some good cuddling time!

  2. I admit it...I'm a hugger. I have always been very touchy feeling. I tend to touch people when I am talking to them even. Luckily Fi is the same way I am :)


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