Saturday, September 19, 2009

Precious Pomanders

I am so excited that we are able to have a flower girl and a ring bearer at our wedding! Our adorable flower girl and ring bearer are Justin’s niece and nephew. I couldn’t be more excited about planning their part in our day!

As in other aspects of my planning, I am opting for some more non-traditional aspects of the day…one in which involves our flower girl! Although I think it is very cute to have her walk down the aisle, scattering flower petals…it just isn’t me. Also, since she is on the young side, I figure it might be easier for her to simply hold something while she walks down the aisle, rather than holding a basket AND throwing petals.

Enter…the pomander!


I think a pomander (or, as some call it, a “kissing ball”) will be the perfect accessory for our flower girl to make her trek down the aisle!

I love that it has a loop that she can either hold, or we can put around her wrist like a bracelet!

Also, another plus is the DIY aspect! As a pomander made with fresh flowers will be 1 – pricy, and 2 – easily destructible, I am opting for making this one of my craft projects! I have seen numerous blog posts from other brides who created their own pomanders, and I am going to join the ranks!

What do you think about using a pomander for the flower girl, as opposed to a basket with petals?


  1. If I was having a little flower girl I'd wait till a sale on Micheals flowers and get some cute ones... the carnations today looked GORGEOUS I was tempted!!! You ARE on the Michaels email list right?

  2. I made a pomander for my flower girl to carry! Just be careful on the size, I'd recommend going a size smaller for the styrofoam than you would think, they really fill out when you add the flowers!!

  3. I made my own pomanders from fake daisies I got at Hobby Lobby. They turned out great! We used them as aisle decorations, but I love the idea of the flower girl carrying one.


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