Monday, August 31, 2009

A little sparkle for the sendoff

Although it seems like a tiny detail in the grand scheme of wedding planning, our sendoff is one that I’ve been pondering for a while now! I feel like a well planned sendoff will be a great conclusion to a wonderful night. I am so obsessed with time tables, lists…all the general psycho perfectionism things you can think of…and the thought of just ending the night with the lights being turned on like the end of your high school prom just seems…wrong. Very wrong!

So, I started to contemplate. If we were able to have a grandiose sendoff, what better than leaving our reception on a boat????


Ok, probably not the cheapest option, and there would be the conundrum of where we would actually go once we were on the boat…the hotel that Justin and I are most likely staying at for the wedding night is not accessible by boat! Sadly, renting one specifically for the purpose of having a dramatic sendoff might not be the most practical option.

Sometimes I hate being practical! Grrrrrr.

So…what to do that is a fun, dramatic option that would make for some fabulous photos?


Bingo. Sparklers!!!! I am currently obsessed with the idea of having a sparkler sendoff at the wedding.


I’ve always loved to see pictures of people making fun shapes with sparklers, and how cute are these ideas for a wedding!?!?

This one reminds me of an engagement ring! No?

I secretly want to steal the idea of spelling out “LOVE” with the sparklers…how freaking cool is this???

All of these photos just make me envious of these weddings; I hope that Justin and I will be able to have just as wonderful of a moment on our day! Are you planning on leaving your reception with a sendoff? If so, what are you doing?


  1. Ohhh I love the idea of sparklers!!! And that picture that spells out love...too cool!!

  2. Wow, those pictures are really neat! How do they get all the guests to light them at the same time - do they each get their own lighter or something? Unless they are longer lasting sparklers than our usual 4th of July ones.

    Good luck with your wedding planning!

  3. I would plan on attaching a box of matches or a few matches with each sparkler set that I hand out I think! I have seen some sparklers that are about 2ft long or so...I'm going to have to hunt them down around New Years I think!!!


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