Thursday, August 27, 2009

“Hair”spiration for a Short Haired Bride?

Ok, so at first, I wanted to be stubborn and keep my hair the way that I like it. Why should I have to change because of one singular day in my life?

Bad attitude Katie, bad attitude.

The reality is that I have very very fine hair. And it is stick straight. It does not hold a curl without about 10 pounds of hairspray involved. Yummm, who likes crunchy hairstyles???


So I began searching for some short hair inspiration…and this…is what I kept seeing.

Perhaps a bit too “crunchy” for what I’m going for…can you imagine how much hairspray is involved in that?


Ok, so this is a very very pretty option, but does it say “wedding” when your hair looks pretty much the same as you wear it every single day, but with a veil added? I'm not sure if it is exactly the style that I'm going for. Hmmm.

After some more searching, I DID run across one set of inspiration photos that made me very hopeful. Mrs. Cheese, from Weddingbee (pretty much one of my biggest addictions EVER), has an inverted bob in every day life, and she managed to have her bridal hair look just like an updo…I thought it was extremely successful!

How beautiful does she look???

Well, despite the one promising photo, the decision was made. Its time to grow like there’s no tomorrow!

Have you found any good inspiration for a bride with short hair out there?


  1. Love that you included the Hairspray poster! actually has a great index for hairstyles. You can search hairstyles according to length, feel of the event, type of hair (curly, etc.) or updo, half up and down.

  2. hi katie :-) i'm shanna and a i found your blog through weddingbee! as a fellow short haired bride, i totally feel your pain! have you thought about finger waves? or perhaps even a wavy bob look similar to (and this is totally random, i know) "gigi's" hair in "he's just not that into you"?


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