Saturday, August 22, 2009

Do We Have a Winner?

Ok, so when I ended Part 3 of my saga, my mother and I were getting ready to leave the Sandpearl Resort after having our tour…when my phone rang.

It was my dad. And he had some interesting news for us! A friend of the family is a member at Carlouel Yacht Club on Clearwater Beach, and he was currently there and willing to introduce us to the general manager of the club!

Well, holy moly, what a great stroke of luck! Carlouel is a private club, so it hadn’t even been on my original list of venues…I was intrigued to check it out! So, without further ado, we turned the car to the north, and drove out to Carlouel!

…And can I just say that it was the best decision ever???

Yes, this was it folks…I finally got the feeling that this location would be the perfect one! Woo hoo! Crisis averted! We met with Chuck, the general manager, and he couldn’t have been nicer. After touring the site for a few minutes, he gave us a folder with menu suggestions, pricing, contract information, etc., and we were on our way! We met up with my dad afterwards, and my mother and I couldn’t stop talking about how great the venue was, and how we wanted to stop the search STAT! This was it! We decided to set a future meeting with Chuck to discuss the specifics (and to remember to take some pictures!).

Ahhhhh, what a nice feeling to have a big decision made! Whew!

So, for now…I will leave you with a little teaser photo of the front entrance to Carlouel (oh, by the way, for those of you who are attempting to pronounce the name of the is "Car-le-well")…check back later for my photo tour!

I know...what a tease, right?

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