Sunday, August 30, 2009

Venue love…for the reception

Previously, you saw our ceremony location and where the cocktail hour will take place.

Now…its reception time!

During the cocktail hour, the staff at Carlouel will flip the room where the ceremony was held and turn it into a beautiful reception site! Where the chairs are for the ceremony, tables of 8-10 will be assembled.

Some tables will run into the next room, which has a hardwood floor…get ready to put your dancing shoes on! (note: the floor will be clear, unlike in the pictures here!)

At the moment, I am loving the idea of having tasting stations for dinner. They seem to be all the rage right now, and I am quite sure that I don’t mind hopping on the bandwagon…I am a fan of food, and I like that our guests would have many options to choose from, and it won’t be a buffet! Carlouel will set up the tasting stations in an adjoining room, so the serving equipment, stations, etc won’t be eyesores in the middle of the reception.

Directly across from the entrance to Carlouel is their private beach that you access by this boardwalk…

I don’t know how I will incorporate the beach in some aspect of the day…perhaps for a sendoff with sparklers? Can you think of any creative ideas?


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