Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some Bling for the Bridesmaids…

I love a deal. I love shopping. I will admit, I am a hopeless bargain store shopper (give me a TJ Maxx or Marshalls and I am a happy girl).

I was out shopping for a shower curtain for the new apartment (funnn right?), and on a whim I decided to look in Burlington Coat Factory, since I knew they had a home goods section.

Well, little did I know that my trip would quickly turn wedding-related, as when I stepped through the door, what did I see but a jewelry rack chock full of brooches!

Ok, yes I can year you asking, “Katie, what the heck do you want with a brooch? Aren’t those for old ladies?” To which I reply, heck no! I LOVE the idea of attaching a brooch to my bouquet (and those of my bridesmaids)!


Don’t you think the brooch adds an extra little “je ne sais quoi?”

I was immediately drawn to these blue beauties, which I think will pop against the bouquets (mine will be all white, and the bridesmaids will be carrying green bouquets)!

So, what do you think??? Are you planning on adding a little something extra to your bouquet(s)? What are you planning to do/what did you do to spice up your floral arrangements?


  1. Hi. Here via Weddingbee. The Broochs are lovely. I too love a TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Burlington Coat Factory etc. Love searching for that bargain! Happy hunting!

  2. I'm from Weddingbee as well!
    Those are beautiful...and if you don't already have your something blue, that totally works!!

  3. Cuuuute!!! I was planning on adding a brooch to my bouquet, but I never thought to get them for the BMs, too. What a great idea! (that I'm totally stealing)


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