Friday, August 28, 2009

“Hair”spiration for a Bride with…Medium Length Hair???

The last time I visited my fabulous stylist, we talked wedding hair. Before she started chopping away at my hair like I am used to, I asked her what I would be realistically able to achieve with the hair that I have, and how much length I could feasibly add in the time period I have to work with. I have to love Laurie, because she immediately responded with “I know EXACTLY what I want to do with your hair.”

Oh please, do tell!

Apparently, my hair will grow about ½ of an inch a month, which will put me at total growth of 4 extra inches by the time the wedding comes around (assuming I’ll be coming in for a few trims, that will eliminate perhaps ½ of an inch each time). So…that will put me at a few inches below the shoulders, assuming that I don’t freak out and chop it off myself before then!

Laurie suggests a low chignon, with a lot of teasing/volume on the top of my head. I rushed home and started to look at some ideas. And breathed a sigh of relief, because these look much more bridal to me!


I love this picture…I have long bangs like this photo, and I love how it is an “updo” without looking too formal. I think that with my projected hair growth, this is an achievable look.

But, Laurie also mentioned that we can add some “extension” without physically attaching hair. There is the option of adding some “extension” inside the chignon itself to make it look fuller. I’m digging this idea…especially after Justin and I turned on the movie What Happens In Vegas the other night. And I fell in love with this…

And yes, after searching high and low for photos online, I had to pause the movie at multiple times to take screen shots of the hair…(how in the world are there none online???).

I’m dying to find out if this is something I can achieve when I visit Laurie on a trip back to Florida. The suspense is going to kill me!

Did you find hair inspiration somewhere you weren’t expecting? How did you find the perfect coif for the big day? Did your hairdresser give an opinion of his/her own?


  1. Love that hairstyle!! My hairstylist also told me no cutting before the wedding (6 months!) to allow for a style I like. I think the one you picked is very classic and elegant!

  2. My stylist MADE me a hairpiece that looks like a wavy chignon - a naturally, loose bun look. She snipped a lock of my hair, bought human hair, dyed/highlighted it to match my color(perfectly!) and shaped it in to the chignon. For my wedding we'll add some curl to my hair (which is shoulder-length, layered and very fine), pull it back and clip the chignon on, blending it in with my own hair. Did a test run and it looks amazing and not fake! :) She's only charging me $60 for the custom piece (that I get to keep and plan on taking on my honeymoon). She's even using the left-over hair to make a a ponytail! She's awesome and in Wesley Chapel, FL if anyone wants to get in touch with her.


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