Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A ring for my man...

Ok, I'll admit it: so much of the wedding planning process is a "me me me" thing, that I sometimes can neglect my fiance a bit! My head is filled with visions of flowers, wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, and the like...

Oh wait...this is a day for us to celebrate our love and commitment to one another...NOT for me to look really pretty and have everyone admire the hard work I put into the event? Darn...

I kid, I kid. But hopefully you get the point! So...lets get back to the topic at hand: marriage. And...the outward symbol of that marriage that Justin will wear on his left hand. I'll admit; I put ring shopping off for months and months. I am not sure why, because I was more than excited to hound Justin to purchase mine (I know, I'm a jerk, right???). Plus, I love to shop...so it should have been no problem for me!

However, I was hung up. Justin and I did go to a few jewelry stores to price out their wedding bands. The problem is that he is a relatively simple guy. He doesn't want anything too "fancy," and I agree. But, the plain gold or white gold wedding band was just not doing it for either of us. It is classic...my dad has been wearing one just like it since my parents got married, and it works just fine!

But, with the amazing job that Justin did with my ring, I felt like I had to do something a bit more personal or unique.

Enter Etsy. I spent a few days scouring the vast expanse of wedding bands offered. There were some very unique pieces, and I was intrigued!

I kept stumbling upon rings featuring rosewood. I love the rich color and the unique look of it!

This ring was also very intriguing to me; if you didn't like the rosewood on the outside of the ring, you could sneak it to the inside! Apparently the wood will darken naturally over time when it is in contact with your skin; neat!

Sadly, Justin vetoed the rosewood rings; he was worried about the upkeep, and was questioning whether or not he would still want to wear it when he gets older (it might be too "trendy" for his liking). I did stumble upon a similar ring style featuring titanium and carbon fiber that had a lot of potential:

I also enjoyed the hammered look...it is unique, yet still traditional enough for our taste!

But then I stumbled upon Fabuluster, and my search came to an abrupt conclusion. My heart skipped a beat when I saw these rings. They are the perfect blend of sentimental, traditional, and funky...and I adore them! Seriously, take a look at some of the rings in their Etsy shop:

(following images are from Fabuluster)
As you can see - the outside appears to be a traditional wedding band...but wait! Look inside - what is that? Oh...its a fingerprint...and not just anyone's fingerprint...it is your own!

The artisans at Fabuluster send you an impression kit that you imprint your finger on. To make a long story short, they take your imprint, and using a wax casting process they form the ring with your fingerprint on it! The print can be on the inside, or on the outside, if you're feeling adventurous...

But, which one did we pick? I decided to opt for the classic...I'd like to think that it is business on the outside, party on the inside:

Also, I know it is really sappy, but I love the fact that my hand will essentially always be touching his...and that perhaps this ring will become a great keepsake for future children/grandchildren/etc. I'm really excited to start the impression process and receive the final product!

Did you have a hard time shopping for your SO's wedding band? Which style(s) did you gravitate towards?


  1. This is a beautiful idea, great post! :)

  2. OH I love this!! We contemplated getting one of these but DH wanted something with a bit more bling, lol. Great choice!!

  3. That is such a great idea! We looked at so many rings for Mr Fix It...it was really ridiculous. He is pretty much a total diva when it comes to stuff for him :) You had lots of great ideas. Love that you thought so much of your man to make it uber special :)

  4. I love this idea!


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