Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bridesmaid shoes: my shoe boyfriend steps in!

Last time we checked in on my bridesmaid shoe hunt, I was back to the drawing board after eliminating the dyeable shoe option.

So, what did I do? I visited shoe websites daily, waiting and hoping that one of them would release a new style that would be perfect. Sadly, one was not forthcoming. However, I started to lean towards a nude/beige colored shoe, as I noticed quite the selection available online!

"Yes! This could work!" I said to myself...and promptly put together a new inspiration collage to test my newfound shoe lovelies.

Dresses: J Crew

Shoes (L to R): Nina - Elijah, Nina - Galvey, Nina- Kora, Jones New York Plumsky Peep Toe

And then, Mommy Buttons and I went to Nordstrom. I should have known that the perfect shoe would be waiting there for me.

Hello gorgeous!


These Enzo Angiolini pumps were sitting on the display with a golden haze surrounding them. I'm quite sure that angels started singing in the background.

I promptly grabbed it and marched around the floor to find my shoe boyfriend, Victor. I know you probably just wrinkled your brow when you heard the term...but I'm being serious here people! Before I could locate him, I was intercepted by another sales person. He asked me if I needed help, and I let him know that I was waiting for Victor. He offered to search for the shoe in a size for me while I waited, but as soon as I said "7 1/2," he responded with "oh, we definitely won't have your size in that shoe."

Oh Mr. Shoe Salesman...you are so naiive.

Now, let me explain why Victor is known as my shoe boyfriend, and why it pays to have one! For a few years now, I have been a loyal shoe shopper at Nordstrom. I wouldn't say I buy in volume, but when I do purchase a pair of shoes I want quality. It only took me a few trips to Nordy's to realize that it was smart to become loyal to a salesperson. Time and again, I would go to Nordstrom, and Victor would assist me with my shoe shopping. He quickly learned which styles I liked and disliked, the brands I was partial to, and the like. He even puts the shoes on my feet for me and fastens any buckles...I'm spoiled. Soooo, when I handed him the pump that the previous salesperson assured me I wouldn't find, I was confident that I'd hear a different story.

Annnnd guess what? I was right. Victor checked the store inventory, as well as the inventory across the country, and BINGO - we were rolling! Although they were rather hard to come by, we were able to locate a pair in each of my bridesmaids' sizes! And, we were able to have them shipped directly to their homes...FREE of charge (because my shoe boyfriend only gives me the best...)!

So, without further ado...beautiful heels were on their way to the Button bridesmaids, and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief!

What aspect of your planning were you absolutely relieved to complete?


  1. I had a shoe girlfriend at Nord's before I left Charlotte. She was fabulous. She would ship for free if my shoe wasn't there in my size - oh and did I mention, she'd send me THANK YOU CARDS? Ahhh....I miss Nords...I miss my shoe girlfriend. Great find!

  2. I lovee those shoes Katie! They are gorgeous! I may have to get me a shoe-boyfriend as well, sounds like he comes in handy!

  3. Love love LOVE these!! Nude shoes are so very in this season!

  4. Nice! Seriously useful to have a shoe person. Those shoes are so cute too - what a great gift!


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