Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shoes for ME!

Now that my bridesmaids have their shoes, I suppose it would be time for me to figure out what I will wear for the big day!

And, you wouldn't expect anything less than a conundrum from me, would you?

When I originally purchased my wedding gown, in order to measure me for my hollow-to-hem, I needed to have my shoes picked out. So, I frantically searched for the perfect pair of pumps. The original winner? This lovely pair of faux snakeskin yellow/gold peeptoes by Enzo Angiolini. Where did I get them? You guessed it...Nordstrom...with my shoe boyfriend. Actually, I'll confess: I already own 3 other pairs of this shoe in different colors and patterns. They are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own, and they are ALWAYS coming out with new hues. I loved these yellow the time.


Well, months went by, and new shoe styles came out! One of which you may find familiar...the shoes that my bridesmaids will be wearing!


Notice something similar about this shoe? is the same style as the yellow ones...but with a ruffle on the toe! So...the heel is the same height, and the length of my gown would still be perfect! I might shy away from the ivory hue though, since I'm partial to a colored wedding shoe for myself.

And guess what...they also come in pink!


Soooo, when we purchased the bridesmaids' shoes, I also bought a pair of each of these shoes; one in pink and one in nude. Just in case. Gotta cover my bases!

Oh but wait...we aren't finished yet! When I was organizing my closet the other day, I realized that in my excitement to find a pair of wedding shoes, I had failed to consider pumps that I already own! So...these little lovelies have also made it into the pool of possibilities! I measured the heel and discovered that they are also the same height as the Enzo's, so they would work with the length of my gown. They could be my something blue...and since I have worn them before (not a lot...maybe less than 10 times), they are already broken in for me!

So many options! Which would you choose? Did you buy a new pair of shoes for your wedding day, or do you like the idea of wearing a pair of shoes already in your closet?

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  1. I wore watermelon (color dress my girls wore) and ivory bcbgirl shoes! They were fabulous and so worth it!


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