Thursday, March 18, 2010

A gift from Grandma Buttons

My grandma is pretty hip. Let me tell you!

You are probably already aware that my grandma can sew like a champ. She's a crafty gal! She even wants to open her own Etsy shop...and I really hope that she does!

Grandma also has Facebook. Yep! Seriously...and she uses it! When I talked about my bridesmaid shoes the other day, she sent me a message saying that she needed a pair in a smaller heel for herself - sassy, wouldn't you say? Also - Grandma Buttons (as she is referred to over at Weddingbee) reads my blog, and has gotten into the "Miss Buttons" moniker.

Don't believe me??? Check it out!

I received a package in the mail one day from her, along with a card. A card that she created using my Button icon. How cute is that?

In addition to the cutie patootie card, she sent me a few birds to add to my flock that she painted herself! I love that she wanted to contribute to my collection. I'm contemplating the perfect location for the pair!

Do you have any family members who have really gotten into your wedding planning with you?


  1. Nope...most of my family doesn't know anything about what's going on at my wedding. They all know I have a blog but I won't give them the address. I don't want them knowing all the elements of the big day before hand. :) Though my mom and sister have helped me with a couple of DIY assembling, I really have handled almost everything myself. I'm kind of a control freak that way.


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