Thursday, April 1, 2010

Adding more bling to my ring...

It is no secret that I think Justin did the most amazing job at selecting my engagement ring. It is actually hard to imagine that adding anything to it would make it any more beautiful; it is so perfect the way it is!

But...who doesn't love a little extra bling???

If you recall, my engagement ring is a Michael M design. So, Justin and I thought it would be fitting to shop their collection of wedding bands to see if something matched my engagement ring perfectly. And guess what...they did (not that I was surprised)! Our shopping experience for my wedding band was incredibly brief...once we saw this ring, we knew it was the one!

Michael M

Justin shopped around for the most reasonable price, and we were pleasantly surprised that my ring would cost less than the quoted price because my finger is so small (size 4 1/2)! Smaller size = less gold and diamonds needed = discount! Score - this was unexpected but wonderful! The ring arrived a few weeks later, and I had to sneak a peek/try it on...just to make sure everything was perfect (haha...); it was!

I promised Justin that I wouldn't play around with it too much before the wedding, so I was only able to snap a few shots before we stored it safely away in its box!

Did you help your SO shop for your wedding band? Did you choose a band to match your engagement ring, or a completely different one?


  1. Looks great together!

  2. Looks great! :) I cannot wait to get my band and try it on with my e-ring!


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