Saturday, March 13, 2010


So...have you heard of the newest beauty craze sweeping the nation??? is called VAJAZZLING...aka bedazzling Apparently even the celebs are doing it; Jennifer Love Hewitt raved about it on the George Lopez show back in January...

Want to see the process in action???

Here is the "tame version" for those of you who just want to hear about it...

And if you really want to see the entire vajazzling experience... do you think? Apparently this process is getting very popular for soon-to-be brides. Call me a prude...but I am not putting this on the list of beauty procedures I want to do before the wedding. I just don't really want to have someone up in my bid-ness like that...and I am pretty sure that the fiance would be extremely perplexed by it.

Has anyone out there had this procedure done before??? If not, would you be willing to go to one of these salons and have an attendant meticulously place Swarovski crystals on your...nether regions? What kind of design would you want? And, do you think that your SO would like that kind of sparkly surprise on your wedding night?


  1. oh hmm- I don't even know what to say about that! I can't say it'd be on my list of pre-wedding pampering- Mani, Pedi, Vajazzaling? I think if I did do it- B would fall off the bed laughing on our wedding night! I know he'd like some lingerie on our wedding night, but not sure about something sparkly on my vajajay...

  2. Ummm... WTF? That is probably the weirdest thing I've ever heard of. What won't they think of to get women to part with their money?

  3. Shut the front door!! Oh geez...what will they think of next?!


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