Thursday, March 4, 2010

Continued registry drama...

Come on now everyone, you didn't think my registry problems ended with unwanted items appearing on my list, did you??? Nah, that would have been toooooo easy!

My mom and I made a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond so that she could help me finish my registry. I wanted her opinions on pots and pans, as well as a few other items. And, she thought that my registry was pretty I obliged and added to it slightly (I'm still a "registry rebel," don't get me wrong...). We spent over an hour walking the aisles, picking out kitchen gadgets, some more sheet sets, and cookware. When we finished, I turned my scanner in to the customer service rep...and once again we were on our merry way (sound familiar???).

The following day, I log on to the registry website to show Justin what we added. When I pulled up the list, none of the items I had registered for were was the same as before. Frustrated, I just closed the laptop and told Justin that it must take 24 hours for the items to appear, so we would check again the next day.

Well, the next morning I log back in to the registry, and new items. I got on the phone with the store and asked them how long it takes for items to appear. The woman on the phone informed me that they should have been up by the time I got home the night I had been in the store.

Crap! Where did my items go!?!?!

The customer service rep quickly became uncomfortable (probably because I started rambling on about how every registry I've made has problems...), and she put the store manager on the phone. I explained the case of the missing registry items, and he assured me that they would figure it out, but that I would most likely have to come in to the store again and re-scan everything. At that point, I could feel my heart sink down to my toes. This was just my luck; I had painstakingly walked through the store and selected these items, and now I would have to do it again?!?! And, I'd have to do it immediately, because my bridal shower is quickly approaching, and guests had already started purchasing items...

After a few phone calls to my mom and Justin, as well as some frantic Tweets, I jumped in the car and headed in to the store.

Don't worry...this does have a happy ending!

When I arrived at the store, the manager came out to speak with me, and luckily had some answers! Come to find out, the girl who has given me the scanning gun at the counter had me scanning SOMEONE ELSE'S REGISTRY. So, that person had all of my items added to theirs. Luckily, that particular person with the same name as me was married back in 2008. But, come on customer service lady! I can't believe that she missed that the wedding date was in the PAST! Anyway, they were able to extract the exact items that I had selected, and then they transferred them back to my registry. HUGE sigh of relief. I do have to commend the manager of Bed Bath & Beyond for how nice he was during this debacle...MUCH better than the "oh I'm sorry but we really can't do anything" that I got from Target. No one had to lose an arm or a leg...I didn't turn into a scary monster of a person...and the problem was fixed! I like it when that happens...

So, for registries are in a state of harmony...key phrase = for now...

Has your registry pulled a Houdini on you?


  1. Wow. I feel bad for if planning a wedding isn't stressful enough in itself. Glad everything worked at well in the end!

  2. Mine haven't acted up on their own...yet. I just am such a perfectionist and over think everything that it's taking us FOREVER to decide on anything! Also, I'm always wondering if we're registering for enough/too much, the best items/colors/sizes/prices...if I missed anything, if the things we've chosen are too expensive, etc.! Its a good thing all your issues are figuring themselves out! Good luck!

  3. Bed Bath and Beyond was the best for us!! We didn't have quite the drama you had with registries, but if you have to take anything back or *wink wink* want to take anything back BB&B is fabulous. We walked in with some items, our gift receipts and walked out 5 min later with cash in our savings account. One of the best places to register!

  4. Thank goodness I haven't had any registry issues like yours. That sounds like a hassle. The only problem I had was that my sister sent out my bridal shower invitations without telling me and I had NOT registered anywhere yet. So Mr Fix It and I had to hot tail it down to Macy's and Target to get our registry handled so that my guests would have something to purchase. Funny, because my Aunt went on and on about how 'back in her day' showers were meant to provide to lingerie to the brides - not a 'second wedding gift from your registry.' I tried to explain that first, most people nowadays get lingerie at their bachelorette party and second, Mr Fix It doesn't even like lingerie so I made it perfectly clear to my sister to inform the guests that I did not really need it. On top of that, my sister obviously sent my shower invites out without even listing where we were registered so we had to send a follow up e-mail to everyone. Other than that, that is the extent of my registry drama.

    Glad yours worked out for you :)


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