Friday, July 24, 2009

Photo booth fanatic!

Although it is still somewhat early for major detail planning, I can't help but dream of the little things I want to add to my wedding day! Now, I'd say that for the most part I want a traditional feel to my wedding...but I do have the urge to include something that is at least a twist to what everyone is used to running into.

Lately, all I hear is "photo booth," "photo booth," "photo booth!" It really is a big trend right now, and it seems like everyone is having one set up at their reception in some shape or form! I love the idea of giving guests the opportunity to be a goofball in front of the camera, and potentially giving them some funny props to pose with!

I've seen prop options used from feather boas, to funny glasses, to sombreros...even little mustaches on a stick! There are tons of companies out there that provide photo booth rentals...hmmmmm...

However, practical me begins to ponder the cost of such a booth. I did some research and quickly realized that although they are very fun, these photo booths are not exactly cheap to rent! And, at closer inspection, it seems as though you could easily create your own...and save some money in the process! Score!

Brain storm...commence!!!!!

I've seen many pictures of homemade photo booths, and it got me thinking, "Hey, if someone else can do it, why can't I?"

I could go the "less is more" route, and embrace the simplicity of creating my own backdrop with a printed sheet, fabric, etc...

It is fun. It is quirky. It is colorful! I love how something so ordinary as a sheet can turn into the backsplash of a photo booth! You could make your own box with various props (hellllloooo day after Halloween sales anyone?). A booth like this could be relatively wallet-friendly. Ah, the bargain shopper's dream!

***Gulp***...but then...I came across the fabulousness of this photo booth, and I was inspired...wayyyyyyy inspired. So inspired in fact that I've been dreaming about this particular booth for days now, and thinking up how I am going to replicate it...

Begin ooh'ing and ahh'ing.....NOW!


I love so many things about this! Shall we list them? Oh yes, we shall!

1: Although it looks elaborate, I think it could be accomplished if you are crafty enough! 3 custom frames (or popping out the frame from some older pieces) to use as the frames your guests pose in, various small frames for pictures (I love the idea of framing pics of your relatives' weddings, as I believe the couple who made this particular booth did), and some wallpaper! Should be a cinch, right?

2: Even though it is technically a photo booth, it is definitely not one that I've ever seen for a wedding! I think that guests would be quite excited to see something different...

3: Guests can still be creative/goofy/etc, but there is also the option of a nice pose for those who don't feel comfortable hamming it up for the camera.

4: You could send your favorite photo booth print of each guest inside the "Thank You" cards you sent out later!

Oh yes, there are more good things I can think of, but I'm going to cease and desist at this. There are definitely more details to be determined (hmmm probably should see if I can get my photographer on board for this as well? Just a thought...) I am going to let the cogs continue to turn in my little head about this project for the time being...but mark my words I will revisit this at a future time...

Did you have a photo booth at your wedding, or have you attended a wedding with a photo booth? What did you like or dislike about them? Are you planning on including one in your wedding???


  1. Hey! Ive been to a bunch of weddings with photo booths and think they are super fun and also a good convo piece AAAND it kinda encourages people who may not know each other to mingle. I don't know if youre friends with brittney bowen on facebook but she had a photo booth at her wedding (she posted pics online) and all the guests had a fabulous time taking pictures!

    But I also love the two non-traditional "home made" ones you posted here. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  2. if you do the photo frame cut out one, ill buy it from you!


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