Thursday, July 9, 2009

Asking my bridesmaids...

So...all of my bridesmaids are out of state (I like to make my life complicated). I honestly tear up when I think about how far away I always am from my best friends; I have ones in Boston, DC, NYC, Chicago, and the list goes on! As the time came to ask them the big question, I was questioning a good way to do it! A phone call is nice, but I was hesitant to do it. Then, I was out running some errands at Target, I wandered into the card section. It was there that I came upon the most wonderful card...and a light bulb went on! Check it out!

...and I have 4 was meant for me!

Perfect - who gets snail mail anymore? I think the cards were just beautiful, and I was able to personalize each one, recalling fond memories from our friendship. I thought they turned out great!

The finished product, replete with my ramblings!

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