Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Beautiful Bridesmaids...

Maid of Honor: My bestest buddy - Liz!  She's my twin in blonde form, and I love her so!  We met in college through a mutual friend (and now bridesmaid) Kali.  We all went out to dinner together one night, and Kali assured me that Liz and I would be best friends by the end of the night.  She was exactly right...and we've been attached ever since (we've even been married on Facebook for a few years...I shed a tear when we had to remove the status after I got was a sad day!).  I don't think I can recall memories of college without Liz being a part of them.  Ask her sometime about my winter visit to DC and my accident at the metro station...its a classic story...

Bridesmaid: College friend, Kali.  We met our freshman year of college, where we lived on the same dorm floor and were both part of the honors program (nerd alert...I know!).  We both joined AOII as we were constantly at meetings and events together!!!  Since college, we've been lucky enough to schedule some fun times together in the ATL where she was at grad school; from meeting our favorite bartender Jimmy to using 3 different wine bottle openers to break open a bottle of 2 buck chuck, and addicting Liz and I to the amazingness of pomegranates, we always manage to have an exciting time together!

Bridesmaid: Sorority little sister Ariel!  My beloved little sister in AOII...we first met during my sophomore year of college; we had a winter term class together.  For those of you who know what I am talking about, I was busy "shopping" for littles out of potential new pledges...and I set my sights on this one!  She is a red-haired clone of myself, we always just "get" each other!  She was just accepted into medical school for the fall...I'm pretty sure that she's going to save the world someday.

Bridesmaid: College friend and roommate Lara!  Lara and I have been friends since our freshman year of college when we pledged AOII together.  We lived together in the sorority house during our sophomore year, and again in an off campus apartment during our senior year!  We've had so many adventures together...traveling to Asheville for Fall Break, teaching her how to pump her own gas (she's from Jersey), to jumping in the huge fountain after graduation...such wonderful memories!

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  1. All you girls are gorgeous! And I think that since everyone else is out of state, you should consider a photographer from Colorado. ;-)


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