Friday, June 18, 2010

Wedding Shower #1

For our nuptials, I was given two wonderful showers. I'll be honest, the first one took place a few months I'm way way way behind in telling you about it! Truthfully, my new camera was holding my photos captive until recently, so that is my (poor) excuse...

In early March, my Aunt S and my mother's friend Ms. Z threw me an absolutely wonderful bridal shower! It took place at my parents' house, and we had quite a lovely turnout!

Guests arrived, mingled, drank iced tea or homemade sangria, and proceeded to have their gifts attacked/inspected by Theo (he loves tissue paper).

Aunt S introduced herself, and guests went around the room and explained how each of them knew me. Then it was time to eat!

Aunt S, my mom, my grandma, and Ms. Z made a lovely spread: we had 3 types of quiche: traditional quiche lorraine, one with red peppers, spinach, and bacon, and another one with red peppers, spinach, bacon, and mushrooms! Talk about delicious...

And...what was even better: my mom made sure they used low fat half & half in the recipe so that it would be guilt-free! Everything was served with your choice of two salads and fruit.

At the shower, we were able to get a small "preview" of some of the reception decor; we were glad to have an opportunity to utilize some of our birds and vases before the wedding day!

After we ate, it was time to open presents.

I was blown away by everyone's generosity, and I am so excited to use everything! Some of the things we received that I was pumped about (although, I was really excited about everything, to be honest):
  • Memory foam mattress topper from Justin's Aunt Punch
  • OXO pop container set from Aunt S - oh man...I love these sooo much!
  • Part of our place settings from Crate & Barrel from my mom
  • TONS of kitchen gadgets - YAY!
  • Knife set from Justin's parents - the set we'd been using was SO dull...
After presents (and getting lost in a sea of wrapping/tissue paper), it was time to cut the cake!

Now, this was a ridiculously amazing cake. A local bakery, J.J. Gandy's, makes a famous key lime pie. I seriously dream about it; it is the most perfect key lime pie ever. Well, J.J. Gandy's also makes key lime CAKES! The cake itself is a white cake; they drizzle a key lime liqueur over it as soon as the cake leaves the oven. The filling in the cake is their key lime pie filling, and the cake is frosted with buttercream. cake was so delicious it should be outlawed. Seriously. If Justin didn't hate key lime pie, I would have demanded it as a wedding cake. But...I digress...

Ack! I didn't want to ruin the beautiful cake design!

Once the guests chowed down on cake, we began saying our goodbyes. I had such a lovely time, and I was elated that so many wonderful women were able to join us for the occasion!

Were you overwhelmed by the love that was showered on you at a bridal shower?


  1. Looks like you had fun! The cake was gorgeous. I used the same little birds for our wedding, but in green.

  2. We had several quiche at my shower too! Must be a shower thing?

  3. How cute? That cake sounds awesome. And can I say - OMG your hair looks sooo good! it'd be perfect for one of my bridesmaids - I just emailed her the link to this blog.

  4. Holy cow! These pictures are so gorgeous! YOU look gorgeous. I can't get over it. That cake is so pretty. What a wonderful day!


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