Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Contemplating the PWC

I'll be honest: I've been thinking about this day almost as long as I was planning the wedding.

I'm talking about the PWC. Oh, the glorious I've dreamed about it longingly. I started growing my hair out in February of 2009; around the time when the chatter of engagement began with Justin. I knew I'd want to sport an updo of some sort on the wedding day, and I knew that I'd need to start early to get the length necessary. This is how my hair looked after my last REAL haircut...a chin length inverted bob with long bangs:

This is how it looked about one year after that (in November 2009) - my bangs had grown out, and my hair was at shoulder level:

And this is what it looked like 2 weeks ago...right before the wedding:

It is LONG (for me at least)! I've joked around with many people that I was about ready to take a pair of kitchen scissors to it on a daily basis. I'm SO ready for a new look!

But...what should I do? It has been about a year and a half since I tried to have some sort of "style" with my hair cut. I am not sure which direction I should go now! I have grown somewhat attached to the "longer" length of my hair; it is useful to have the ability to put my hair in a ponytail/clip because of the heat in Florida. However, I need some SHAPE in it, and Justin agrees.

I have an appointment for my PWC tomorrow afternoon (eek!), and I am desperately searching the Internet for some inspiration! Come on now, help me out! Lets find some inspiration photos for medium length, straight hair! Here is what I've compiled so far...

This reminds me of my old haircut...I like the long bangs swept to the side...

I am fond of the layers in Sienna Miller's hair; even though it is long, it does have some shape!

I'm also throwing around the idea of shorter bangs...I've had them in the past as well. I rather like the look of Anne Hathaway's in this photo:

Again, the sideswept bangs...

Finally, what I think is one of my favorite photos so far - a "long version" of the inverted bob (aka shorter in the back than in the front) with long sideswept bangs

So...what do you think? Do you have any inspiration photos to share? Send them along!

Did you have a PWC? How did it feel and did you have a hard time finding some inspiration???


  1. I'm really feelin' the Hayden pic and the LC pic. Not many people can pull off short hair, but you totally have the right face and body proportions for it. I'm excited to see what you do!

    I can't effing WAIT to chop my hair. Hopefully I'll get it done in the next few weeks!

  2. My hair's longer now than it was in high school! I've been dreaming of getting rid of it, but I want a huge classic chignon for the wedding.

    I really want to chop my hair like Katie Holme's cica 2007 after the wedding. I might dye it dark too. We'll see. ;)

    EDIT: HAH! The password for me posting this was "CHNOP" BWAHAHA

  3. I think you should get a cut similar to Sienna Miller's, that way you can spend some time getting used to the still somewhat long hair (yay to being able to put it up when needed!) and you have the 'shape' you're looking for as well. If you decide it is still too long for you, you can always go shorter! If you chop it all off right away you might be more attached to the new length than you think C;

  4. Love the look of Lauren Conrad's longer inverted bob haircut. I think that would look great on you!

  5. Oooh, I love LC's! You can totally pull off short hair. I, on the other hand, cannot. It looks absolutely awful on me, so I guess I'm stuck with my long hair!

  6. I vote #1 and let it grow into #2.

    You look cute with the bob and the halfway grown out hair. I'm a bob fan, I had it when Adam proposed and have been growing it out too. And the fact that you want to take kitchen scissors to it makes me think you really want it really short, so go for it!

  7. I couldn't do the full on chop. Instead, I did the PWT (post wedding trim). I just had my bangs trimmed up and added some long layers around all of my hair. Mostly because it takes FOREVER for my hair to grow out and I've been doing it for a couple years in anticipation of the wedding, so to chop it now would just be frustrating. But the main reason I didn't do anything drastic is because we are still contemplating whether or not we're going to do a re-shoot at our venue in my I want to leave the length there for something sexy and different :)


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