Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bestowing the bridesmaids...with gifts!

For our wedding week festivities, my bridesmaids arrived a few days early to start the party! Because our pre-wedding plans involved some sun and fun, I wanted my bridesmaid gifts to serve a practical purpose! Yes...I said practical. I wish I could say that I am a creative gift giver, but alas I am not! I happen to be the person who gifts practical items. I know that many brides before me have gifted their bridesmaids with adorable monogrammed tote bags, jewelry, and the like, However, two of the ladies are getting married in the next year (so their monograms would be out of date soon), and my taste in jewelry sometimes differs greatly from that of my maids. Alas...I hit the drawing board.

Inspiration hit me in the store one day when I saw a display of some adorable beach bags for sale! They were lightweight, large, and have a zipper closure (3 very important beach bag attributes, in this Florida girl's opinion...). I was sold...and thus my gift bag was started!

What is a beach bag without a towel? My next addition to the gift was a brightly colored beach towel for each maid, along with an aluminum water bottle.

Next up was a small goodie bag that I put together. It included their favorite candy, a pretty pink nail polish, a nail file, two note pads, and a Burt's Bees chapstick!

And...I didn't want my maids to get bored at the I included a puzzle book (sudoku, crosswords, word finds, etc.). I never go to the beach without one!

Finally, each of the bridesmaids received a tank top that I crafted for them. I sewed some fluffy organza flowers and attached them to pins. Each tank had two flowers on the strap; because the flowers were attached with pins, the maids can attach them to other items, keep them on the tank, or remove them completely...whatever their heart desires (see...practical Katie...)!

I carefully placed all of the items in the beach bag, and I presented them to the bridesmaids on the first day of our bachelorette festivities. They were able to use the items throughout the course of our wedding weekend festivities to tote their beach items (a few even made their way to our venue as tote bags to carry their "dancing shoes," touch up makeup, and other items)!

Are you a practical gift giver when it comes to your bridal party? What did you gift them/are you planning on gifting them?


  1. Very cute! I'm also a practical gift giver. I give gifts that I know the person will use and not a knick knack that will sit on a shelf, etc.

  2. I gave mine bags too! I gave them the fold-up, reusable grocery bag type bag that can be tossed in a purse. And I got some for me too. Love useful gifts!

  3. These look like great gifts :) My students just got me a beach bag of goodies for the end of the year, but it was nowhere near as all inclusive as this one. Very thoughtful :)

  4. I got my maids a lunch tote, and filled it with goodies. I filled them with nail files and some good wedding day things, but the best was the pashmina. Since we got married in April I didn't know if were to be hot or cold, so I got them a bright pink pashmina to match the flowers & wedding colors, I'm with you on the practical part! It was awesome because they were able to keep warm during the reception!

  5. Oh man, I would have loved to get a tote full of these fun and thoughtful items!!!


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