Monday, June 28, 2010

Last minute projects...I like to procrastinate!

The week before the wedding was an absolute blur, and I mean it! The amount of appointments and tasks on my to do list was staggering, but somehow the clan was able to pull it together in the end!

I wanted to share a few of my last minute projects that were pulled together before the wedding! Lets begin with...OOT bags! Our guests were staying at a suite style hotel, so each of their rooms was equipped with a full kitchen! This definitely allowed for us to provide some yummy snacks for them!

I'll be honest; I didn't take photos of the contents of the bags, but here is what each of them included:
  • 2 water bottles with monogrammed sticker label (this one):
  • 2 instant lemonade mixes
  • bag of microwave popcorn
  • 2 chewy granola bars
  • 2 bags of Miss Vickie's chips
  • 1 bag mixed nuts/trail mix
  • 2 packs of crackers: cheese and peanut butter
  • Welcome packet/information

All of the goodies were placed in a pretty gift bag that I adorned with pinwheels. Pinwheels? Oh yes...remember those pinwheels I told you about a few months ago? Well, that particular project was abandoned part way through, and I was left with a big stack of pinwheels that I wasn't going to use. Hello, OOT bag decorations! I used my hot glue gun to attach a few pinwheels on each OOT bag, and voila! Fancy pants bags!

***Sigh...*** Don't they look fabulous??? I know, I'm totally biased...

The next project on the agenda? Table letters! Yes...I said letters. I decided that I wanted to use letters instead of table numbers simply for financial reasons...less materials to purchase in the end! I am in love with how they turned out! Let's take a little peek at them...

I purchased all of my materials at Michaels, and the process of putting them together was so easy! I purchased the required number of wooden letters, the corresponding number of flat circular discs (located right next to the wooden letters in the store), a bottle of cream acrylic paint, another in brown, and 2 bags of reindeer moss. I painted each of the disc stands brown, and each letter in cream. Using my hot glue gun, I attached each letter to a stand, and then glued bunches of reindeer moss to the stands. Easy peasy...and I think they look fabulous!

And finally, the escort card display! I found some awesome antique-inspired trays/boxes one day, and I knew that they would be perfect to display our escort cards on! We realized that they were a bit too deep to just set the cards into, so we had to come up with a pretty solution! We used some leftover cardboard boxes laying around the house and created a "platform" of sorts in each tray. From there, we fastened some sheet moss to the cardboard so it was no longer visible. It created a pretty platform in which to display the escort cards I printed!

Of course, that really wasn't the end of the projects...but it is the end of the projects that I have photographic evidence of! Justin and his dad created a wonderful faux-to booth for our guests to enjoy, and Justin and I had some fun with spray paint to create our card box!

Don't worry - the garage door is open so we wouldn't asphyxiate ourselves! And finally, we committed my grandmothers, grandfather, and aunt to slave labor in order to create our favors...

Hopefully I'll have some photos to share with you of both of these items when my pro photos come back!

Do you ever leave projects to the last minute? Did you have any wedding-related projects that didn't come together until the final deadline?


  1. I love the pinwheels and those letters!

  2. Oh wow...I remember how much time you spent on those pinwheels. I can't believe you abandoned the project...but I totally understand :) Glad you put them to good use. And I love the idea of table letters instead of numbers...I am all about different!

    Everything looks great. So well put together. I don't know how you did things that last week. I was over it. If it didn't get done a good several weeks before the big day, it wasn't getting done at all. I had my favors all wrapped up and tagged like 3 or 4 months before the wedding and then put together the candy favor escort card/boxes like 3 weeks before the big day. The only thing I think I did like the last week or two was put together the bridal party gifts which wasn't difficult.

    I can't wait to see evidence of the faux-to-booth! One of my fave things.

  3. I love the bags; the pinwheels are so cute!

    I love the letters too!

  4. Those pinwheels are awesome! Do you have a tutorial for them?

  5. Oh wow! Those look ABSOLUTELY fabulous!!!! Love the pinwheel details, and all the delicious mossy goodness! You crafty devil, you! :)


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