Monday, May 17, 2010

I hope our guests are wearing stretchy pants...

Well, its official. Our wedding is going to be an eating extravaganza. Yep. An all night marathon of food. I hope our guests are preparing for this in advance...

Mom and I had a final (hopefully) meeting with Carlouel last week. I swear, each time we leave from one of our venue meetings, my mom and I couldn't be in a better mood. Everything about our experience with Carlouel has been a dream. And the menu is no exception.

Remember our first tasting? Well, guess what...we...nixed...everything...
After ruminating about our first tasting's selections, my mom and dad brainstormed with me on what we would love to have at the reception. We were searching for variety, fresh foods, and a lot of different flavor profiles. After collaborating with Chuck, we were able to come up with what I consider to be a pretty amazing menu.

Get ready to start

Appetizers: Our guests will step outside for our cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony. They will be able to enjoy the following:

  • Crudite table set up with crackers, cheese, fruit, smoked fish spread, and artichoke dip
  • Lobster stuffed baby portabella mushrooms
  • Parmesan cups filled with grilled mixed vegetables
  • Caprese salad kabobs: 6" skewers with buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and basil marinated in balsamic
  • Open faced grouper sandwiches
  • Poolside grill will be cooking kobe beef sliders to order

After the cocktail hour, guests will move inside to their reception table. Salad will be served at their seat.

Salad: spring mix with carmelized pecans, gorgonzola, and craisins. The salad will be dressed with my mom's recipe for honey lime vinegarette

We will then open up the five tasting stations for dinner. Each station will serve a small plate of food (salad plate size), and guests will be able to take one plate, sit at their table, and come back for multiple tastings. The stations are as follows:

  • Baby grilled rack of lamb with a light herb seasoning, served with tzatziki sauce, rosemary roasted red skin potatoes, and asparagus


  • Stir fry: choice of chicken, pork, or shrimp. Served with stir fry vegetables, sticky rice, and chopsticks


  • Chilean sea bass, served with julienne vegetables. Guests will have a choice of chimmichurri sauce or mango salsa
  • 5oz petite filet mignon, served with a spinach souffle and au gratin potatoes
  • Mixed veggies (black beans, corn, tomatoes, green pepper) and chicken, served in a homemade taco shell bowl, topped with cilantro, guacamole, cheese, and salsa


About 45 minutes after dinner is complete, we will cut the cake. It will be served on a table with a coffee service and the following desserts:

  • Mixed berry tarts


  • Mini key lime pies


  • Assorted cookies: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and white chocolate macadamia nut


At this point, guests might think that the night is over and they can be wheeled out to their cars; most likely with their pant buttons unbuttoned to accomodate all of the food they just ate. But wait...there is one more detail to our menu for the evening...

A french fry bar!
I really liked the idea of having a "late night eating encounter," and so we added one on! We will be serving:

  • Fresh made french fries in paper boats
  • Condiments: ketchup, malt vinegar, season salt, nacho/melted cheese, bacon bits, green onions, jalapenos, and sour cream



  • Chocolate milkshake shooters!!!

When Chuck suggested the french fry bar, I think my brain went into wedding bliss overload. Whenever I have a night of drinking, I usually start craving greasy food: pizza, french fries...perhaps a pot of Kraft mac n cheese. To me, this will be the perfect ending to our evening; I hope our guests will enjoy the surprise!

So...are you full just thinking about the amount of food that will be served at the Buttons' wedding??? I sure am!

What is your favorite item on your wedding menu? Are you adding any late night treats for your guests?


  1. yummy yummy! we just had our reception on Saturday and our late night yum yum was homemade fresh jerky! awesome and we rcv'd rave reviews!

  2. Now THAT'S a wedding! I'm sure my fiance would agree since the food is his favorite part (/the only part he likes) about the planning process :D Your hors d'ourves sounds awesome. And THANK YOU for the tarts idea. I've been trying to figure out how to use raspberries, plums, and oranges as a food and design element since those are my wedding colors. Raspberry tart with a little plum and orange peel garnish = WIN. I love tarts :D

  3. Wow that's alot of food. We originally planned half of that and our caterer told us it was WAY too much. Do they let you take home your left-overs? That's something we made sure we were able to do. Sounds yummy though!

  4. Ahhh - chilean sea bass, lobster stuffed portabellos, and sliders please. AMAZING menu!

  5. Ok, so your cocktail hour sounds like a meal in itself! Everything is over the top amazing and your guests will definitely be loving you guys! I wish we could have gone full spread like that but it wasn't really necessary. We went pretty basic at our cocktail hour (more to come in a recap post) but the one thing our guests wouldn't stop talking about were these mini chicken quesadillas...sounds basic, but they were filled with some amazing sauce type thing and they flew like hotcakes!

    I cannot believe how close you are to the big day! How exciting. You're going to make a gorgeous bride and I have lots to catch up on over here!

  6. Everything look and sounds so yummy. I love the idea of the french fry bar and chocolate shake shooter as a late nite treat. What a great idea.


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