Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Well, this just stinks...

Do you know how you have those times during your wedding planning that are all sunshine and rainbows and unicorns? And other times you may experience some periods of cloudy skies and storms?

I currently have an ominous rain cloud over my head. Let me explain...

Remember how I gushed about the amazing honeymoon that Justin and I had planned at the
Rockhouse hotel?

Well, to put it bluntly..."it ain't happenin."

Justin recently started a new job, which is great (yay for employment!), but not so fabulous for our travel plans. Technically, our wedding/honeymoon would fall within the 90 day probationary period for the new job, and they don't normally allow vacation time during that span of time. And, surprise surprise...when he asked for the time off he was told that there was no justification for it.

Ok, fine. I get that it is a probationary period...but getting married is kind of a big life event, right? They are even telling Justin that he has to come in on his "weekend" in order to be off work on the day of our rehearsal! They won't even give him one measly day off for his wedding. And, sadly...Justin will have to report to work a mere 48 hours after our wedding takes place. So, you can imagine what that did to our travel plans.

Thankfully, we are able to get our full deposit back for a very small fee...and we hadn't booked flights to Jamaica yet. So, the good news is that we aren't losing a ton of money because of this. The bad news: we aren't going on a honeymoon, and we have no idea when we will have the chance to go on one. This makes me a very sad panda.

Now, before you think I am just a sulky mess all of the time (although, I will admit, I have been having a little bit of a pity party for a while...but I think that I am completely justified), I'd like to think that there will still be sunny skies on the horizon for us. Justin and I are going to have to tuck that refunded money away for safe keeping, and attempt to reschedule at a later date...hopefully sooner than later! Also, this means that we will be able to move into our new apartment right after the wedding (ok, so moving isn't exactly the most exciting task ever...)! When we were originally planning the honeymoon, Justin and I were going to have to bunk at one of our parents' houses for a little while until a lease could start (because we didn't want to pay for a week of rent if we were out of town)! But, our lease is now starting at the end of May. Hopefully, we can take some time to move a few big pieces here and there in the days before the wedding...we shall see!

Did you experience some bumps in the road with honeymoon planning and vacation time? Did you have to postpone your honeymoon at all?


  1. That's a shame :( You find the perfect spot and then you have to cancel. Well, I hope you can go SOON after those 90 days.

    My biggest letdown was the place I had my heart set on for a wedding venue was sold :( I keep hoping the new owner will keep it as is and I can afford their rates but in the meantime I have to keep looking.

  2. not that this will make you feel any better about these shenanigans but I am staying in town until June 5th so you get to see me more :)

  3. oh no...that is a bummer! I am so sorry! Good luck and good for you for seeing the bright side! I would be much worse!!

  4. You have every right to sulk and be bummed out. I would be devastated...but try to be understanding. Sucks that the company reacted that way. If they thought he was good enough to hire, I can't understand why they wouldn't have let him have the time off for a honeymoon and wished him well expecting him to work his a$$ off when he returned. Whatever. At least you are trying to be positive about it and look at the bright side. I definitely hope you get that honeymoon sometime in the first year though..maybe a honeymoon for your one year anniversary? We ran into a couple from South Africa while we were in Bali who had to do that because the groom had a horrible accident a year or so before their wedding and had to have a surgery immediately after. Something to hope for?


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